a.Global Grants

Global Grants assist Clubs to fund humanitarian aid projects aligned to the Foundation’s Areas of Focus, postgraduate and research scholarships, and Vocational Training Team service projects in co-operation with Rotarians in another country.
  • Clubs must be qualified to act as a primary sponsor of a Global Grant Project
  • Once the project is conceived, Clubs must refer to the Grants Committee Chair before commencing the application.  This will ensure that the Club involved will receive advice to maximise their chances of a smooth application and will ensure that the Grants Coordinator reserves any District Designated Funds needed to finance the project.  For further advice contact a member of the Grants Committee;
Committee: Graham Richardson (Coordinator)   Doncaster, Brian Hodgson   Wandin

b.District Grants

District Grants support short-term humanitarian and scholarship projects that further the mission of the Foundation - both locally and overseas. Conditions for District Grants are reviewed each year and are included in the downloadable application form. 
  • All forms associated with these projects are downloadable from the District website. (They are not available on the RI website)
  • The incoming District Governor will announce the monetary values and conditions for these grants at or before the District Grants Planning and Qualification Seminar, held in May.
For further information contact a member of the Grants Committee;
Committee: Graham Richardson (Coordinator)   Doncaster, Brian Hodgson   Wandin

c.Rotary Foundation Scholarships and Peace Fellowships

Post Graduate and Research Scholarships can be part-funded by Global Grants. District Grants can also fund less restricted and smaller value Scholarships, as determined by the Foundation Committee in consultation with the incoming District Governor.
Each year, Rotary also awards up to 130 fully-funded Peace fellowships for dedicated leaders from around the world to study at one of its peace centres.  These scholarships take the form of a one-year postgraduate course or a three-month certificate course (at no cost to the sponsoring Rotary Club).  For more information contact;
Contact Scholarship Coordinator:            Peter Murie          Cheltenham

d.Further Grants Information and Assistance

Grants Stewardship
The Grant Stewardship Team supports the Grants Committee to review the project accounting, reporting, expense eligibility and other TRF guidelines for projects using Foundation funds.  It also recommends improvements to the District’s Global Grant processes.  For more information, contact;
Grants Stewardship Team: Brian Foley     Mordialloc  or    Kehelia Vandenberg   Monash
District Resource Network – The District Helpline for all Club Service Projects
To make it easier for clubs to engage in service projects of all types (community, international, vocational), D9810 has established a District  Resource  Network  (DRN) to connect  Clubs and project managers with local Rotarian experts in the District; and beyond.
See further information in the International Service tab or contact;
DRN Coordinator:  Tony Stokes   Box Hill Central