PETS 2009
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Presidents-Elect Training Seminar 2009

The 2009 Presidents Elect Seminar (PETS) was held on Sunday 1 March 2009.  Copies of DGE David Forster's opening remarks along with an abridged version of the combined PowerPoint presentations (in pdf format) and a summary of the feedback from the AG breakout sessions are available at the links on the LHS menu:

 An edited version of Rotary International President Elect (RIPE) John Kenny's opening address at the 2009 International Assembly in San Diego is also screened.  A version of this address can be seen on the following You Tube link:

 RIPE John Kenny San Diego January 2009.

PETS Material from RI
Additional copies of the material from RI distributed at PETS 2009 can be downloaded from the following links:
1.       RI Pres Theme Brochure

2.       RI Pres Citation Brochure

3.       RI Pres Citation Cert Form

4.       Club Goal for Fund Development

5.       Club Leadership Plan 2007 Edition

6.       Rotary's US$200M Challenge Brochure

7.       How to Propose a New Member

8.       Leadership Development: Guide to Starting a Program

9.       Membership Development Resource Guide

10.     Membership Goal Report Form

11.     New Member Orientation

12.     Rotary Basics

13.     Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives

14.     RI Strategic Planning Brochure  

15.     The Rotary Foundation Quick Ref Guide

16.     This is Rotary

17.   You, the Club & RI; Partners in Membership Development