Chairman and further information email: Greg King

Vocational Service programs running in District 9810 during 2016-18.

Business Partnerships

A program designed to assist clubs in developing links with businesses and community
organisations in their local area.

For more information, contact: PDG David Alexander

Business Networking

Rotary Clubs can and should engage the local business community in as many ways as
possible. Involvement with business in sponsorship of Club events, undertaking vocational
visits and jointly conducting projects, can benefit Clubs in terms of relevance, membership
and retention.
To recognise the role of small business in the community, consider running a Business
Excellence Awards competition in your municipality as a cluster project initiative.
Comprehensive publicity from the local Leader Newspaper surrounding the Manningham
Business Excellence Awards, now in its fourth year, has highlighted the achievements of
many businesses that would otherwise go unrecognised, while raising the profile of Rotary
across the business community.

For more information, contact: PDG David Alexander

Business Engagement

How well do you understand your local businesses? Why not consider inviting a local
business owner to your club meetings as your guest, once a month, and give them a brief
speaking spot so you can keep abreast of the current business trends and the challenges
they face? They might even come back again!

For more information, contact: Don Sweeney

Citizenship Award for Secondary Students

Rotary Clubs are proud to extend the vocational arm of service to include Citizenship
Awards with partnerships in youth initiatives with schools.  Citizenship awards recognise
students who demonstrate leadership qualities both within the school setting as well as
the wider community.

In recognition of their leadership qualities and service above self attributes, students
selected by their school receive a Citizenship Award, a “Citizen” watch (valued at $85.00)
and certificate from the sponsor Rotary Club at the Presentation Evening.
Citizenship Awards Guideline (document link coming soon)
Watches supplies (approx $85): Gillians Jewellery – contact San Cheng on 9877 6616.

For more information, contact: Don Sweeney

Parent Handbook on Drugs and Alcohol Use

A booklet distributed through participating schools on drug and alcohol issues for secondary
students. Written by parents for parents and first published by Trinity Grammar School.
Rotary clubs are able to sponsor the production of this booklet for their local schools.

For more information, contact: Joe or Gillian Somers

Shine On Awards

This Australia-wide program provides Rotary recognition of outstanding service by persons
with disabilities (Australia-wide) who disregard their disabilities to reach their goals to serve others. 
All nominees receive recognition with a Certificate of Commendation.

The program is run on a state-wide basis with the five Victorian Rotary Districts combining
to run the Southern Region Shine On program.  Details are as follows:

  • Nominations for the Rotary Southern Districts’ ‘Shine On’ Awards must be endorsed by a Rotary Club.
  • Nominations may be made by clubs, associations or individuals aged 21 years and over.

Full details and resources are available for download on the Shine On Awards webpage.

District 9810 Shine On Chairman and more information: Barry Halpern

Tertiary Awards and Scholarships

Rotary club supported tertiary scholarships can be arranged through local Universities or
TAFE Institutes. These are a relatively easy activity to organise and have the potential to
create significant value for the organising Club. Many formats are possible.

For more information, contact: Don Sweeney

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