Used Stamps

Purpose: Collect used postage stamps to raise funds for special programs.
Since commencing in 1991, this project has raised almost $90,000 to support a range of projects for people in need.

Beneficiaries of Stamp Sales

The proceeds from the sale of USED POSTAGE STAMPS will be directed to
In remote villages and islands across our region there are hundreds of children born with complex
deformities and medical problems, and consequently, little expectation of a normal life.
Through the care and compassion of our surgeons and their teams, often donating many hours
of their time and skill, these children are given a second chance.
ROMAC succeeds with minimal overheads, no office, no paid staff and yet ensures that every
single dollar raised is used to change and save the lives of fragile children, one child, one family at a time.
We are not asking for $$ DOLLARS $$ – just your USED POSTAGE STAMPS.
Please help us continue for ROMAC – it won’t cost you one cent!

Collecting Stamps

The simple act of saving and recycling something small will bring major changes to the lives of others. Please ask all friends, family and colleagues to be involved in our “Philatelic Garbology”.

Where to deliver the Stamps

All stamps can be taken to the quarterly presidents’ meetings for collection.
Other drop off points are through Rotarians Patrick Hartley & Brian Foley.

However, if your club does take up the challenge and you are able, a monthly return would be most helpful as this will spread the workload.

How to sort the Stamps

If stamps can be sorted into the categories below, this again would lessen the workload. However, Carrol is still happy to receive the stamps whichever way they come.

1. Low value – up to $1.00 – on single paper with 2cm border

2. High value – $2.00 and above – on double paper with 2cm border

3. International stamps

4. Stamp albums should be left intact to protect the stamps


Enquiries to…

Carrol Farmer on 9500 0140 or email

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