Our District is located to the East of the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves."
Purpose of this website
A Rotary District is, essentially, an administrative unit charged with providing services to the Rotary clubs which are its members.  This site is dedicated to providing service to the clubs and Rotarians of D9810.  Although it is not primarily aimed at the general public, all are welcome to view these pages.
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Here is your chance to have lunch with Rotary International President Gordon McInally, and his wife Heather - in Victoria!!!!!
District Governor 9820, Linda Humphries has invited Gordon and Heather to call in on us here in Victoria, after his attendance at Rotary International Convention in Singapore.
The special lunch will be held at the RACV Club, Cape Schanck on Sunday, June 2, 2024.
Cost is $145 per head which will include a sumptuous 3 course meal and a welcome drink.
Book NOW - click here to book.

Let’s talk about Elephants…

A one-day mental health and wellbeing symposium.
A contemporary and practical understanding of current-day mental health conditions and navigating through recognition, understanding, and support of those around us. A one-day mental health and wellbeing symposium; Leaders looking after self and others.
As a joint project between 9820 an d 9810 this symposium will be held on Monday, June 3, 2024 at the Frankston Arts Centre.
Special guest:
Rotary International President, Gordon McInally will talk about his personal story and how Rotary is working to support mental health outcomes.
Book here. $85 pp
I attended the Wandin Rotary Custom Car & Bike Show on December 20th and what a show it was.
The evening was perfect and so well supported! Surely, owners must come from far and wide to display their treasures at this event.
This was the first one for this summer. The next happening Wednesday evening next week, the 21st February. Then the last for the year on March 20th. Get details from here.
A few more images - click on the Read More
The Rotary Club of Emerald and District are holding their All American Car Show on this Sunday, Feb 18. I know the club is facing some challenges following the storm we had this week but I'm sure they will be overcome. Good luck! Click on the graphic for more info.
The District Conference will be held in Warrnambool, March 22-24, 2024 web page here.
If you are intending to come and haven't already registered, please do so NOW! Register here. Places are limited for the Saturday evening function (included with full registration).
Even though you may have told your club's On To Conference Chair that you are attending, for most clubs they will still be expecting you to do your own registration. Please check.
This will be the last Conference for District 9810 and will be including segments where we will be reflecting on the achievements of our clubs over the years.
The web page for the Conference is being constantly updated with the program and speakers. Check it out now.
Our speaker list includes:
Bernadette McSherry - served as a Commissioner with the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System
Tom Boyd - ex AFL footballer sharing his experiences with mental health
Ian Riseley - past DG 9810, Rotary International President, Chair Trustees The Rotary Foundation
Greg Ross - Director Australian Rotary Health
Professor Arnold Dix - world famous mine rescuer
Included on the Conference web page is a link to an accommodation booking portal. This will make it very easy to organise your accommodation.
See you in Warrnambool!
Member of Box Hill Central Mark Balla will be a keynote speaker at the forthcoming World Water Summit in Singapore on May 24, 2024.
Mark has made it his passion to provide toilets in the developing world. The work of Mark and the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central is legendary and Mark is very deserving to be called as a Keynote speaker at this summit. Why not attend as an addition to your attendance at RICON?
Between Mark and his Club, Operation Toilets was established in 2015. Link to Operation Toilets here.
Mark was recently interviewed on the ABC radio - click here.
For more info click on Read More
The Regionalisation Pilot for our Zone 8 is really progressing.
Community Groups
All clubs were asked, before Christmas, to indicate their preferences for their Community Group. Remember, under the Pilot, our Zone will comprise Community Groups, each containing somewhere of the order of 15 Clubs.
These groups are being finalised now, although I'm sure, over time there will be further changes.
In early March, representatives from each club will join others from the same Community Group via Zoom to discuss, it is expected, a number of issues. We expect there may be early discussions about possible collaboration between clubs and the process of appointing the Community Leader.
By late March it is expected that nominations for the role of Community leader will be called for and appointments to follow soon after. Training for these people will be conducted in April/May. Community Groups will then be functioning as at July 1st.
For more info about Community Leader role, click here.
Specialist Roles
Under the Pilot, a database will be established of Rotarians who will contribute their expertise in specific areas to assist Clubs. Specifically.....

The Rotary Specialist role is a new way you can use your skills to help clubs reach their goals and make a difference.
Each Rotary Specialist will be an expert in a particular field who will provide guidance to clubs across the Zone, either in person or virtually, in their specific area of expertise.
When clubs ask for help, Specialists will support them by providing expert advice, and directing them to useful resources and other experts as required.
Clubs will be able to easily find and request assistance from Specialists through a searchable database.
There may be numerous specialists in the same subject area to cover the geography of Zone 8.

If you have the required skills and knowledge to provide expert advice to clubs in your area of expertise, you can be a Rotary Specialist! You may be:

  • Someone who has been in Rotary anywhere from a few months to a few decades

  • Someone who has held multiple leadership positions in Rotary, or none at all

  • Someone who has relevant formal qualifications such as a diploma or university degree, or has simply gained expertise through practical experience – either within or outside Rotary

If you’re an expert in a field relevant to clubs, great with people and passionate about Rotary, you should consider applying here.

A copy of the recent webinar which explained these roles can be viewed here.

The other role that is available is that of Regional Council Portfolio Committee Member. Please click on Read More for the rest of this story.

Keep up to date with all things related to Regionalisation here.
Cyber-crime is now a matter of when rather than if, if you haven’t been affected by the Optus or Medicare breach then perhaps you have received fake text messages, been hacked on Facebook or something else. I’m sure each one of us will know someone who has been hacked or scammed if not. Each year it is estimated that over $29 billion is lost in cyber-crime.
How to avoid it can be confusing and frightening for us all but there are some easy ways to reduce our risk and the risk to our clubs. There is now a free online training tool available that clubs can use to assist in minimising the risks which you can share with all of your members. Designed specifically for non-technical small business employees, Cyber Wardens is a free and easy-to-use online program for small business employees to identify and manage their risks against cybercrime but can also be used by community groups you just need an ABN to get started and create a login.
Just a quick Save the Date for the Joint District (9810 and 9820) Changeover dinner this coming June.
DGE Colin Byron has advised me that it will be held on Saturday, 29th June at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, Pakenham.
More details to follow. It goes without saying that Clubs are discouraged from holding their own Changeover functions on this evening.
The Australian Rotaract Games (ARG) is a large gathering where Rotaract clubs from all across Australia come together to engage in friendly competition, socialise and connect over our shared passion for volunteering and professional development.
This February the ARG was held at the Gold Coast and hosted by Rotaract District 9640 and Rotaract Australia. Participants enjoyed a bar night, bowling, the many tourist attractions available at the Gold Coast, and of course, the games.
It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with Rotaract clubs and members from outside one’s district and state, and provided a space to share ideas, cultures, and our love for Rotaract.
Whitehorse Rotaract, alongside Monash Rotaract formed the aptly named team ‘The Stallions’ and banded together against clubs from all over Australia. Unfortunately we didn’t take home first place, but had a great time trying to, and meeting new Rotaractors while doing so.
Please click on Read more for more pics
One of The Rotary Foundation's areas of Focus is Peace. Or, more specifically Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention.
"Rotary encourages conversations to foster understanding within and across cultures. We train adults and young leaders to prevent and mediate conflict and help refugees who have fled dangerous areas."
The contributions to The Rotary Foundation made by clubs and individually from members support all seven areas of focus including this important one.
Rotary’s Four Roles in Promoting Peace 
Rotary and its members are:
  • Practitioners: Our work fighting disease, providing clean water and sanitation, improving the health of mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies directly builds the optimal conditions for peaceful societies.
  • Educators: Our Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,700 peace fellows to become effective catalysts for peace through careers in government, education, and international organizations. 
  • Mediators: Our members have negotiated humanitarian ceasefires in areas of conflict to allow polio vaccinators to reach children who are at risk. 
  • Advocates: Our members have an integral role as respected, impartial participants during peace processes and in post-conflict reconstruction. We focus on creating communities and convening groups that are connected, inclusive, and resilient.
A number of clubs held events to recognise Australia Day. My congratulations and I trust they were successful.
I had the pleasure of attending the breakfast hosted by the RC of Wandin.
Guest speakers were two locals, Liz Kitchen a food scientist with Frontera, originally from the USA and Phillip Johnson, the winner of the Best in Show at Chelsea in 2013.
Both gave excellent presentations and certainly great choices of speakers for Australia day. Liz included in her presentation and acknowledgement of country. She went on to describe her journey of settling in Australia and her passion for food.
Philip gave a great presentation on the work that went in to winning the best in show at Chelsea in 2013 and the establishment of the The Chelsea Australian Garden at Olinda. See here for more.
Thank you President Alan and the members of the Rotary Club of Wandin for your warm hospitality.
Click on Read More for more pics
Congratulations to Loc Lam, Rotary Club of Springvale City, recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia  (OAM) in the recent Australia Day Honours.
Loc was specifically recognised for his "service to the Vietnamese community of Victoria".
In addition, of course Loc has been a wonderful Rotarian serving as club President and being a strong supporter of many initiatives within the Club of Springvale City along with his generous support of End Polio.
The complete citation can be found here.
Congratulations once again Loc.
Helen's efforts to raise additional funds for the End Polio Now project continue to grow with some additional contributions coming in from some clubs.
The total at present stands at $26,860.
Once again the Clubs of our District have been very generous in their support of End Polio, maintaining their original commitments as well as finding these extra amounts in support of Helen's project.
A reminder to save the date of April 11, 2024 for the major Polio fundraising evening held by the Rotary Club of Springvale City - always a successful and fun evening. Keep an eye on their Facebook page here.
A reminder that if you would like to make a personal, tax deductible donation, please go here. Your donation will be credited against you, as a Rotarian and your Club. Just make sure that the email address you use, matches the address in MyRotary.
Donations from non-Rotarians are, of course, also welcome and can also be made through this portal.
If you are representing a club, please make the contribution by the normal channels but flag it as DG Project and drop DG Ian or Helen an email. Banking details for Clubs can be found here.
Thank you.
The Rotary convention is where friendship and learning come together to inspire you. In Singapore you’ll connect with people of action from around the globe at Rotary’s biggest event of the year.
The 2024 Rotary International Convention, will be be held 25-29 May in Singapore.
Here are a couple of stories to help inspire you to register.
Shape-shifting Singapore - here - By Wen Huang
Singapore – a land of surprises - here. By Jennifer Scott, Chair of the 2024 International Convention Committee
Register now here
On December 27th DGE Colin Byron and his wife Leanne will head off the US to attend International Assembly in Orlando Florida, commencing on January 7th.
They plan on spending a week or so touring around southern Florida before heading up to Orlando.
Let's hope the weather in Florida has improved by then.
We had the pleasure of wishing Colin and Leanne well at the annual College of Governor's lunch on the 10th of this month.
Unfortunately, Leanne couldn't attend due to Covid. We hope she has now made a full recovery and we wish them both an enjoyable trip.
Now that my Club visits are completed, it's wonderful to reflect on the generosity of clubs in the way they have contributed additional funds to End Polio under the incentive of Helen's partner project.
I know that some clubs are planning on additional contributions in the year.
We're planning some fundraising efforts for the new year as well.
A reminder to save the date of April 11, 2024 for the major Polio fundraising evening held by the Rotary Club of Springvale city - always a successful and fun evening.
A reminder that if you would like to make a personal, tax deductible donation, please go here. Your donation will be credited against you, as a Rotarian and your Club. Just make sure that the email address you use, matches the address in MyRotary.
Donations from non-Rotarians are, of course, also welcome and can also be made through this portal.
If you are representing a club, please make the contribution by the normal channels but flag it as DG Project and drop DG Ian or Helen an email. Banking details for Clubs can be found here.
As of mid December, her project has received from Rotary members, Rotary Clubs and some non Rotarians a total of AUS$21,860.
Thank you.
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Rotary International President - Gordon McInally 2023/2024

Rotary International President-elect R. Gordon R. McInally called for members to capture the world's attention and lead the way toward possibilities far beyond our current expectations.

Gordon McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland, revealed the 2023-24 presidential theme, Create Hope in the World, during the Rotary International Assembly in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 9 January. He urged members to promote peace in troubled nations, help those affected by conflict, and maintain the momentum of initiatives begun by past leaders.

"The goal is to restore hope — to help the world heal from destructive conflicts and, in turn, to help us achieve lasting change for ourselves," McInally said at Rotary's annual training event for incoming district governors.

Link to page with detail theme info

Gordon McInally's theme speech.


District Governor 2023/2024 - Ian Ballantine

Hello there and welcome to the website for Rotary District 9810. From the Bay to the Hills. Our District comprises some 37 Rotary Clubs and four Rotaract Clubs. We are located to the east of Melbourne, Australia.
If you are looking for a club near you, try our Club finder here. Locations and meeting times are clearly displayed. I invite you to look at their website and/or make contact with them. I promise they’ll be delighted to hear from you.
If you are a fellow member of District 9810, I hope you take the opportunity to utilise this website where we try to provide as much information as possible to help you get the most out of Rotary.
This applies whether you are a Club President, a Board member, a member of a committee, a brand new member or a long standing one.
I guarantee you’ll learn something new about our District or Rotary International every time you visit.
I look forward to working with you in 2023-24
Rotary District 9810 has a new service called “CONNECTIONS” brought to you by District 9810 Technology Committee – TechCom.
CONNECTIONS is a new service for the members by the members of District 9810 and offers a free service for anyone wanting to advertise their business in Rotary.
This usually involves members scanning in their business cards and sending them through to the Webmaster along with their preferred business website and business category.
CONNECTIONS offers District 9810 members, family, and friends:
  • Publicise businesses and activities organized by connections on the district website
  • Invite Rotarians in the district to speak and store their videos for virtual meeting, or district workshops talking about their business and related service work
  • Seek out Rotarians who are outstanding in their professions or are enthusiastic about a hobby and encourage them to advertise on CONNECTIONS.
So, from jam to jumpers, cleaning to computers, we want your mainstream or hobby business added to CONNECTIONS:
Contact the webmaster: gusrozycki@9810rotary.org.au
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