RAWCS is an Australia wide Rotary based volunteer organisation that assists clubs with
the development and management of  international community service projects. Projects
to help rebuild in the aftermath of disaster, support and improve education; bring health
care and medical aid to those who can least access it.  While the main focus of RAWCS
is in the South Pacific and South East Asian countries, RAWCS can also assist with projects
further afield. RAWCS projects also supply advice, assistance and training in building
construction and commercial operations (eg assistance in obtaining microfinance). 
For more information the RAWCS website link is: www.rawcs.com.au

District Chair: Peter Malden


The main programs subcommittees under RAWCS are:

Donations in Kind (DIK)
DIK provides a central coordination point for storage, packing and dispatch of goods for
local and international efforts, minimising the costs associated with getting goods to where
they are needed in the world. There are strict rules, procedures and costs associated with
despatch and delivery of all goods to overseas destinations. Any club planning to send
goods offshore is strongly advised to consult with the DIK group beforehand.

District 9810 Contact: Des Shiel | Peter Malden | Russell Hayes

DIK Storage Dept: Woolshed 40 (rear), 400 Sommerville Rd, West Footscray

Phone: 0428 550 574 Email: dik.vic.rotary@gmail.com   Website: www.rotarydik.org


Rotarians against Malaria (RAM)

RAM is a programme dedicated to the fight against Malaria, one of the major health threats
in the world today.  With more than 500 million infected with the parasite, 2 to 3 million people
die of the disease each year, a large majority of them babies and young children.  RAM’s
current programs are focused on the Pacific region, particularly the Solomon Islands,
Papua-New Guinea and Timor Leste.

Some years ago the World Health Organisation (WHO), through its subsidiary body Roll
Back Malaria, determined that 25 April would be World Malaria Day. In Australia, Rotarians
Against Malaria (RAM), one of the arms of Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS),
decided to recognise 30 April as Malaria Awareness Day. To mark World Malaria Day,
30 April 2013, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute held a public lecture and tour with research
experts on malaria talking about their latest discoveries.

Further information on progress in the worldwide effort to overcome malaria and the latest
medical innovations under trial are contained in the following document:

Malaria reduction due to mosquito nets PNG

RAM Chair: Gloria Hargreaves

Committee:  Jackie Gleeson, Clare Caulfield (Rotaract)

Events: World Malaria Day 30th April


Rotary Project Volunteers:
Promotes awareness of volunteering opportunities for Rotarians and non-Rotarians.
Further information:   Jeff Gouldson


Water & Sanitation (Incorporating Safe Sanitation and Water Saves Lives)

This Committee assists Clubs to identify, develop and participate in sustainable Water,
Sanitation, Health and Hygiene projects and programs in developing countries including
planning and establishing ongoing maintenance and monitoring procedures to ensure
sustainability. On site visits include working with local Host Clubs, NGO’s, Provincial
Health Officers and Educational or other Government Officials and Local Communities
to establish projects and/or programs which may require implementation over a number
of years. Committee members assist Clubs in the selection of appropriate water and
sanitation technologies for cultural, climate, geographical and soil conditions. Programs
may require the provision of education and training in construction of components and
works by local people including establishing local businesses to assist in achieving
projected aims and objectives.

Chair: Bill Chapman

Committee: David Alexander, Aidan Wright, Jim Sly