How a RAG Can Help a Club Project
Rotary Action Groups Active in D9810
Rotary Action Groups by Area of Focus
Rotary Action Groups That Work in More Than One Area of Focus
How to Start a Rotary Action Group
Rotary Action Group Directory

1.How a RAG Can Help a Club Project

Contact a Rotary Action Group to:
  • Get expert advice on planning and implementing service projects, including those funded by Rotary Foundation district and global grants
  • Connect with potential project partners, both within and outside of Rotary
  • Get help fundraising and obtaining resources for projects
Join a Rotary Action Group to share your expertise and make a difference in projects outside your club or district.
Rotary Action Groups’ Contact Information
To get involved, look at our directory and contact the action group you're interested in.

2.Rotary Action Groups Active in D9810

Rotary Action Group Against Slavery – Contact person Tony or Robyn Stokes    Box Hill Central
Rotary Action Group for Family Safety – Contact person Tony Monley   Manningham
Rotary Action Group for Water & Sanitation – Contact person Mark Balla   Box Hill Central
Rotary Action for Environmental Sustainability – Contact person Pat Armstrong   Doncaster

3.Rotary Action Groups by area of focus

Promoting peace

Fighting disease

Providing clean water and sanitation

Saving mothers and children
Supporting education
Growing local economies

4.Action groups that work in more than one area of focus

5.How to start a Rotary Action Group


6.Rotary Action Group Directory

To contact a Rotary Action Group, download the directory by going to