Restricted Giving – PolioPlus: Global Polio Eradication Effort

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative commenced in 1988 by Rotary in collaboration with a number of organisations that has increased to the five organisations listed above and governments of the world. 
Purpose: The initiative is to eradicate the world of the wild polio virus.  To certify the world polio-free it must not have any wild polio virus associated cases for three years.  Countries must have developed health systems and surveillance programs to monitor populations and protect them against potential wild polio re-emergence.
There are two countries in the world today in which the wild polio virus is endemic, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The greatest obstacles to our final victory are cultural attitudes and practices, war conditions and insufficient funding. Money is still needed for vaccine and its delivery through National Immunisation Days, and surveillance systems needed to identify remaining pockets of the disease.
Contact person:  Stephen Fisher

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