A Paul Harris Fellow is a person who has conrtibuted, or in whose name a contribution of
$USD1,000 has been made, to the Annual Programs Fund and certain other programs of
The Rotary Foundation. Recognition of a Paul Harris Fellow is an opportunity to show
appreciation for a person, either Rotarian or non-Rotarian, who shares the values of the

Application to recognise a person as a Paul Harris Fellow is made to the Rotary International
South Pacific and Philippines Office in Parramatta, NSW using the prescribed form available
for download on the following link: PHF recognition application form

A suggested wording to be used for the presentation ceremony to recognise a Paul Harris Fellow
s contained in the document available on this link: PHF sample presentation

This sample presentation can also be used, with appropriate modification to the wording
for a Multiple Paul Harris recognition (one or more sapphires)

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