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Contributions by Clubs

Unrestricted Giving and Restricted Giving (to Global Grants and Polio Eradication) build up
PHF recognition credits for the club. The Finance Department of The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
in Parramatta receives and processes contributions. These are recorded monthly on the
Club Recognition Summary.


Contributions by Individuals

Individuals making contributions to The Rotary Foundation are
recommended to do so through the Australian Rotary Foundation Trust, where donations are
tax deductible.

Further Information: Graeme Woolacott


Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) / Centurion Club

Rotarians are encouraged to make The Rotary Foundation their charity of choice and to make
periodic individual donations under the EREY program. An Australian variation of the EREY
program is the Centurion Club where individuals are encouraged to make a tax deductible
contribution of AUD$100 or more per annum ($1.92 per week). Your donation (payable to
The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust) supports the humanitarian work of The Rotary Foundation.
50% of the donated money comes back to District 9810 after 3 years for use in Rotary Foundation
programs and projects.

If you wish to become a donor, or renew your existing donation, you can do so by setting up a
periodic Electronic Funds Transfer from your financial institution (link to or insert the District’s
“Guide to Giving”). Alternatively, you can complete the EREY Contribution and Agreement Form
and send it to Joy Varughese, whose contact details are on the form.

The form is available for downloading by clicking on
the following link: CLICK HERE

Contact person: Joy Varughese


Paul Harris Society

Members may join this officially recognised society of The Rotary Foundation by making an
annual tax-deductible contribution of USD$1,000 or more through the Australian Rotary Foundation Trust.

Please contact the coordinator to complete your application. Paul Harris Society Coordinator: Graeme Woolacott

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