Rotary Foundation program alumni include:

(a) Ambassadorial Scholars
(b) Group Study Exchange team members and leaders
(c) Recipients of Grants for Rotary Volunteers, Discovery Grants, PolioPlus Grants, Individual Grants, or Volunteer Service Grants
(d) Grants for University Teachers recipients
(e) Rotary World Peace Fellows
(f) Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program participants

Recent Activities:

  • Group Study Exchange – Turkey

Rotary Foundation Scholars

Scholarships   Mentors  
Peace Scholar2008-2010 Louisa Dow Chris Dalwood Glen Waverley
Peace Scholar2011-2013 Megan Barnett Judith Cox Wheelers Hill
Ambassadorial – Outbound 2010-2011 Ben Jellis Andrew Goddard Glen Waverley
Cultural Ambassadorial–Outbound 2009-10 Rowan Gould Graham Walker Templestowe
Cultural Ambassadorial–Outbound 2009-10 Bryanna Rafferty-Brown Nicole Osner M A S H
Cultural Ambassadorial – Inbound 2010 Preeti Verma Mounesh Badiger Cheltenham
Cultural Ambassadorial – Inbound 2010 Kentaro Yamaguchi Steve Liston Ringwood
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