In order to help support the continual efforts of Rotary in our fight against Polio, Whitehorse Rotaract will be conducting a fundraising event with a difference. A virtual marathon conducted completely online. 


Rotary has been working since 1979 to combat Polio, Since then 123 countries have been freed from Polio. 


Our virtual marathon is 123km and follows the route of an amazing Rotaractor as she travels with a polio vaccination team to a remote village in Uganda.  If you want to read more of her story click here.


The virtual marathon can take however long you want at your own pace but remember there is a leaderboard so everyone can see who is working hardest. By adding your distance-based activity you will progress along the trail. You can use any distance-based activity to contribute your distance such as Running, Walking, Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Elliptical and skiing.


Their is registration cost of $18 and all profits will be going to EndPolio to help eradicate polio.


Click the link to join the virtual marathon  - https://www.myvirtualmission.com/missions/51755/whitehorse-rotaract-polio-challenge

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