Canterbury International Hotel
326 Canterbury Road
Forest Hill, VIC

Guest speaker: Louisa Keck

Louisa is a Senior Facilitator and the #Ennials Stream Lead at Wake by Reach, a social enterprise of the Reach Foundation. Lou spends her time at Wake delivering engaging keynotes, experiential workshops and personal development experiences to organisations including Deloitte, Vicinity and Macquarie. She leads their #ennials offering which are all the things they do to help workplaces grapple with the impact of the millennial (and Gen Z) generation at work.

Louisa has been involved with The Reach Foundation facilitating youth work for more than 5 years, delivering workshops to thousands of young people over that time.

Outside of Reach, Louisa has recently graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Communication and is currently doing a Law degree. She is a storyteller first and foremost, and is passionate about creating spaces that inspire others to tell their own stories too.