The delightful Brooke Hanson OAM OLY will share her insights and inspirational journey and you're welcome to join us - for free! 


Our special guest speaker at Rotary Croydon & Montrose on December 1st, will be Brooke Hanson OAM OLY who is an Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist, and remains one of Australia's most recognised Olympian. She made her debut for the Australian Swimming Team in 1994 before going on to represent Australia over 25 times at major international championships.

Brooke will talk about her Olympic journey and life beyond Olympic glory, resilience, adversity, success, balance, motivation, happiness and well-being. She shares how to embrace what’s important through passion, purpose, love, leadership and finding internal strength to persevere in the face of your biggest challenges.

EMAIL: president@rotarycroydonmontrose.org.au for the link