Contact: Ken Miller

Evan Burrell
Keynote Speaker

As a digital media consultant in the non profit community
volunteer sector, I have expanded my skills to educating
local professionals, businesses and community groups across
Australia and beyond to focus on the practical use of social
media and how to develop it to brand and market their stories.
I am an accomplished public speaker, emcee, trainer, social
media advocate and hardworking volunteer with Rotary
International. You may recognize me best as a service minded
superhero. You see, for me, it’s easy to be a Rotary hero because
as, I see it, all Rotarians are superheroes and we all need to
promote the heroic acts we do in the community and around the
In whatever way, I’m proving that Rotary isn’t all business. My
message is “Let’s have fun in Rotary,” and with that message I’m
engaged in telling Rotary’s digital story.


PDG Jessie Harman
Rotary International Director-Elect

Jessie’s first experience of Rotary was as a participant of
RYLA in 1988 and she maintains an active interest in Rotary’s
youth and leadership programs to this day. She is also
keenly interested in membership development. She is the
immediate past Chair of the Membership Committee for Rotary
International, a past Rotary Co-ordinator for Zones 7B and
part of 8, and co-author of 101 strategies for recruiting and
retaining members.