Zoom Workshop: Connecting and Engaging with Rotary's Alumni

Our District has a Goldmine!

That is a goldmine of former recipients and participants of Rotary's youth and Foundation programs and scholarships. These individuals known as Rotary's Alumni can serve as guest speakers, consultants and/or collaborators for service projects and fundraising projects, sponsors/donors/partners (or via their employers/companies or Rotary or Rotaract Clubs) of our programs and service projects, act as advocates of Rotary's work by helping with our marketing and sharing of our work, participants of further Rotary opportunities and be potential members of our Clubs and Satellite Clubs.

There are potentially thousands of Alumni already accessible and at your fingertips who are registered with Rotary International as being sponsored, hosted or that reside within your District and there are thousands not registered.

Learn how to effectively assist your Club to re-connect, build relationships and engage with Rotary's Alumni and the benefits for Rotary and Alumni