20th Edition                                                                            12 April 2021 
Now it’s April the end of the Rotary year is coming up on the horizon and it seems to be rushing at me at great speed.  It’s quite likely to be that way for club presidents and presidents elect, too.  Now is the time to think about assuring the club will be recognised for its achievements in 2020/21 and to be compiling and the club’s plan for the coming year.  My advice? – don’t delay on either action as your club members will be happier as a result of both these activities.  
Perhaps the most important action to happen in the last couple of weeks has been the appointment of the D9810 Governor for 2023/24.  If you want to know who it is, you’ll just have to keep reading!
Of course, the other big news is that the 2021 Virtual Victoria Multi-District Conference has finally opened its booking site.  See the recent “special edition” of Open Doors for all details and the booking links below.  Please remember to book for both events – Virtual Victoria and the District breakout session.
Our celebrations of 100 years of Rotary are well and truly underway and I am grateful to all those clubs and clusters running events.  In great news, Picnic in the Park is now confirmed so make sure your calendar is marked for 15 May (see below).  As for me, I’m running just to keep up with all the activity! 
In other great news and items;
  • Membership Inspiration – Engaging Millennials; a presentation by Amanda Wendt
  • Check Your Privilege exercise which is a fascinating activity for all clubs
  • D9810 achieves high ranking in Zone 8 membership indicators (but not in member numbers!)
  • R100 celebration book “Humanity in Action” now published
  • RORP swings into action
  • RC Hampton’s Tonga hearing screen project for young children
… and, of course, lots, lots more
DG For 2023/24 Selected
It with enormous pleasure and excitement that I am able to announce that Ian Ballantine of the Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central has been selected to be District Governor for the 2023/24 year.  Ian was selected through an application and interview process.  The panel was convinced that he has the vision and presence to lead the District.
Most Rotarians in D9810 will know Ian as the District’s regular photographer, often seen working hard to record our events.
Ian has been a member of the Rotary BMC for some 23 years. He has served as president twice and has received 4 PHFs.  Apart from being DGN in the coming year, he will also be an Assistant Governor.
Now he has retired from full time employment, Ian has more time for his interests in motorcycling, sailing, photography, travel and new technologies like 3D printing and laser etching.
Ian has three adult children and three grandchildren, with another on the way.  Ian's partner, Helen Parker, works as an Emergency Physician for Alfred Health (Sandringham).  Helen has two teenage children.
I’m sure every member of the District joins me in congratulating Ian on this appointment.
Conference 2021 – Virtual Victoria & D9810
I hope everyone in the District saw the special issue of Open Doors sent during this last week.  If you didn’t see it, please check your inbox now for all the info.
Conference website can be found at https://rotaryconference.org.au/ where a link to registration can be found or go straight to the booking site at https://events.humanitix.com/virtual-victoria-multi-district-rotary-conference-2021 
heroDistrict 9810 breakout session requires a separate booking at https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing?eid=739476& or click through from the main conference website.
Both events are free but, while booking for Virtual Victoria there is an opportunity to make a personal donation to the District Governor’s partner’s project which is, of course, End Polio Now.
Governor’s Travels
Several great outings for me this fortnight starting with a fabulous celebration at RC Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale.  What were they celebrating?  Well, just being really.  It was a cocktail event with representatives of all the community groups with  which the club connects and stallholders from the market.  This was a really successful event and a great profile raiser for the club. (Pic shows me with Rtn Lesley Zuccaro, Monash Rotaractor Lucy Shao and Basem “Bash” Kerbage from Monash Health Foundation
A picture containing text, person, groupDescription automatically generatedThe next fun event was a sewing night at RC Rowville Lysterfield.  The club was getting the jump on Christmas by sewing Santa sacks for use by one of its community partners, Backpacks 4 Kids.  This was a really fun night and a great example of a “hands-on” project that really engages members and provides a great sense of camaraderie and achievement.  
Pictured at Ferntree Gully Guide Hall complete with sewing machines Heather Eddy, Bob Morris, Jenny Moran, me and Pres Marg Vesey. A picture containing text, person, suit, dressedDescription automatically generated
This week I attended a major celebration at RC Healesville, where the club was celebrating 50 years of community service by a local and much-loved health professional, Dr Elroy Schroeder.  This was a big night for the club and the community with a full venue and the event live-streamed on A person and a child standing next to a blue surfboardDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceFace Book.  In recognition, the club presented Dr Schroeder with a PHF with sapphire (he had been presented with a first PHF some time ago).  The pic shows Pres Michael Hardinge, the guest of honour and me just after the PHF had been presented.
Just yesterday I braved the cold and rain to visit the Blackburn Craft Market run by RC Forest Hill.  The weather did not seem to deter the Rotarians, the stall-holders or the shoppers.  This is a great little market with a wonderful mix of goods for sale from beautiful fresh veggies to interior décor.  Pick up a pair of earrings or beautiful bonsai!  Pic shows PP John McPhee, me and Pres Suzanne Ballard.  Despite the inclement weather, it’s great to see Rotarians wearing their Rotary gear. Club members will be joining the major Whitehorse Clusters’ R100 event tomorrow. 
Picnic in the Park is Definitely On!
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Great news! After prevaricating for simply ages, Parks Victoria has provided a permit for Rotary District 9810 to hold its centrepiece R100 activity Picnic in the Park, including the world record attempt for participants in the “Waggle Dance”.  
Make sure to let EVERYONE know about this event and get family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances to join your members at this huge celebration.  Don’t forget to wear something yellow and black and join in the record attempt.  Can’t wait to see everyone there.
District and Other Recognitions
Now we are well into the second half of the Rotary year, it’s time for clubs to be thinking about how their fantastic work over this year will be recognised.
Here are some ideas for each club to ensure all members celebrate the achievements of the 2020/21 year.
Remember to go into Rotary Club Central on the RI website and update your club’s goals and record those which have been reached.  It is only by keeping the club’s goals and achievements up to date here that a club can earn a Rotary Citation.
Check the District 9810 Recognitions and apply for all of those for which the club may be eligible.  There are three categories of award;
  • Club Building
  • Club projects
  • Club PR / Communications
The application process is simple.  For assistance, please contact your AG.
Don’t forget the Enviro-Club Awards.  In this Rotary year clubs are able to apply for a Bronze Award  
All information on available awards can be found on the District website page “Recognising Excellent Clubs” which can be found under the tab labelled “District, RI and Zone”.  https://9810rotary.org.au/page/recognising-excellent-clubs
Membership Inspirations
See the source image
This video features DGN for District 9800, Amanda Wendt, presenting on the topic of Engaging Millennials in Rotary.  If you’re not sure how to attract younger people into your club or your proposed satellite club, here’s all the tips and pointers you need to get things rolling along. 
The video is 14 minutes so perfect for your morning coffee break. 
I really love the message that to attract younger members clubs need to develop projects which clearly serve the community.  These are Rotary led projects requiring hands-on activity rather than continuing to use the “raise money – donate money” model.  Now, where have I heard that before?
Embracing Diversity – the Check Your Privilege Exercise
DiagramDescription automatically generatedThis was sent to me recently from RI and I played the video and did the exercise.  This is really a worthwhile thing to do at your club’s next meeting.  Here’s the accompanying information from RI.
 As we continue to make the Rotary experience inclusive for members and participants of all backgrounds, it’s important to embrace our differences and understand where we have privilege in comparison to others.  For example, have you ever felt scared to hold hands with your romantic partner? Or, has someone automatically assumed that you are not from the country you live in?  Our colleagues in RI’s Europe/Africa Office created a video to help us realise and understand these differences so they don’t become potential barriers for prospective members. Share this video during upcoming trainings or seminars, or watch it with your club to better understand how your members’ life experiences might be different from one another. Afterwards, take the opportunity to discuss ways to accommodate these differences so that everyone feels welcomed and included.
D9810 Sets a Cracking Pace!
Some interesting membership stats were sent out from the RI Office in Paramatta (RISPPO) recently.  While D9810 is having some issues keeping its member numbers high enough to satisfy RI, in some membership areas we are excelling.
We know that our proportion of female membership is well above the international average and in the whole of Zone 8 we are the third highest. 
Also, I’m very pleased to let you know that D9810 is the second best District in the Zone for the proportion of clubs that have officially posted a membership goal.  Well done to all club Presidents who have ensured this goal has been added to the Rotary Club Central section of the RI website.
Wouldn’t it be good if we could lift our ranking to be the first in District in Zone 8 in both these categories?  It wouldn’t take much. 😊
Tonga Hearing Project
TextDescription automatically generatedRotary Club of Hampton is in the process of setting up a project to check the hearing of younger primary school students in Tonga.  A preliminary sample has shown that up to 30% of children in the country have hearing issues.  The project will include follow-up programs for the children found to have hearing problems.
Clubs interested in finding out more about this project can click here to see an outline, visit the RC Hampton website or contact project coordinator, Peter Read.
Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds
LogoDescription automatically generatedI notice from the RC Nunawading newsletter that the RORP project is moving along.  Any club willing to become involved with this project should contact Bob Allardice through the contact information in Club Runner.
Fundraising Opportunities Under Your Nose
In one of my trips to visit Rotary markets around the District, I had a chat with a stallholder about the products on sale at his stall.  We talked about prices and opportunities and he expressed a view that, in his case at least, there were significant fundraising opportunities to be explored.  Could it be that hidden opportunities are right there at the market?  Could be worth checking out.  Not wishing to single out a specific trader but following the scent of gum trees might lead you there.
Don’t Forget Parmas for Polio
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R100 Book “Humanity in Action” Published 31 March
A picture containing logoDescription automatically generated After a seven year gestation period, our book to mark the Centenary of Rotary in Australia left the printers today!
A picture containing textDescription automatically generatedAll clubs will receive a copy of the book for free but clubs that wish to purchase extra copies as, for example, speaker gifts or if individual members wish to order their own, please use the order form which can be found here.
Consolidating orders in this manner will save significantly on the handling and postage costs.
The order form does not have a closing date but I suggest that clubs address this matter as soon as possible and contact PDG Harry Durey by email to let him know an order is coming.
Please don’t assume that no-one in your club will be interested – give every member an opportunity to purchase this historic book.
Good and Bad Polio News
First the good news.
This pic from the Gates Foundation website shows a child being vaccinated during a border crossing from Pakistan to Afghanistan.  Love the enormous Rotary logo in the background, although the child does not seem to be enjoying the experience!
In terrible news from Afghanistan, three female polio workers were shot in Jalalabad whilst working in the field.  In addition, an explosion took place at the entrance to the cold chain office in Nangarthar province.  No one was injured but there was damage to property.
Such tragedies show the importance of working with all parties to finish, as soon as possible, the job of eradicating polio in endemic countries.
Donations In Kind – Rotary in Action
I received a news post from Donations in Kind recently.  Has your club ever been involved in shipping a container of goods?  If so yours is one of 629 containers shipped out of DIK since 2000.  That’s about 30 containers a year or more than 2 per month – and that’s a lot of goods!  In shipping the containers, DIK has logged more than 188,000 volunteer hours – and that’s a lot of Action!
I visited DIK recently and had the “grand tour” of the new warehouse.  Any club can arrange to have a meeting and tour at DIK and also arrange a meal for those attending.  This is a great club outing and a real eye-opener for any Rotarian who has never visited this amazing facility.
See the website at https://rotarydik.org/  
Major Donor and Bequest Society Members’ Dinner
Below, please find an invitation to book for this event.  Rotarians from all over Victoria will be there and all are welcome whether they are major donors and/or Bequest Society members or not.
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Latest on Malaria Vaccine Project
Logo, company nameDescription automatically generatedI know there are lots of supporters of Rotarians Against malaria in our District.  To keep up to date with an important aspect of this major Rotary activity see the latest newsletter of the Malaria Vaccine Project here.  In fact, the whole website is well worth a look as this great project keeps rolling ever closer to some significant answers on malaria.
Centenary Peace Symposium
A picture containing diagramDescription automatically generatedThe Peace Symposium is a major part of the celebration of our Rotary Centenary in Australia.  It’s an on-line event.  Details are:
The symposium will be held online over two half days, the afternoon of Wednesday 21st and the morning of Thursday 22nd April 2021.  Registration is only $66.00 per person for the two days.
Speakers will include RI President Holger KnaackChair of the Rotary Foundation, PRIP Ravi RavindranNobel Laureates Jose Ramos-Horta and A. Prof Tilman Ruff AO.
Well known ABC Journalist, Ali Moore will facilitate a thought provoking panel discussion titled  “ How can we reverse the Doomsday Clock?”  Distinguished Australians, Gareth Evans AC,  Steve Killelea AM and PRIP Ian Riseley OAM, will join the discussion.
Participants will be able to register for two of the following optional sessions:
Indigenous reconciliation; Family Violence; Economics & Peace
Humanity & Humanitarian Aid; Business & Human Rights Law; What You Can Do For Peace.
For more program details, speaker profiles and registration please go to https://peaceleadership.org.au/  
Peace is in our DNA. Let’s talk about it.
Timor L’Este Flood Appeal
Flag of East TimorSeveral clubs have enquired about gathering and sending donations for East Timor following the recent devastating floods. 
RAWCS has established a Flood Appeal for the disaster occurring in Timor. The RAWCS team is making contact with relevant people in DFAT and Dili to determine the most appropriate form of support,  particularly given the difficulty with COVID in the region.  Details of the appeal can be found hereTimor L’Este Flood Appeal
Australian Rotary Health Autumn Newsletter Now Available
Logo, company nameDescription automatically generated
Rotarians who support or follow the work of this great Rotary-led organisation can found the latest newsletter here.
ROMAC New Newsletter
For the many ROMAC supporters in D9810, please note the new newsletter is available now.  To view it click here
Graphical user interfaceDescription automatically generated
Have you had a presentation on ROMAC at your club recently?
If not, why not invite one of our volunteers to attend your meeting in the near future - either in person or virtually.
Presentations include a 10 minute video which outlines how ROMAC operates and describes some of the stories of the 500 patients who have been treated by ROMAC over the past 30 years.

All presenters are knowledgeable and well trained, and are able to answer any questions that may arise.


For more information or to book as speaker, contact ROMAC Chair, Harold Sharp on 0411 044 691 or chair@romac.org.au 
Rotary International Convention – Online
LogoDescription automatically generatedMark your calendars for an exciting opportunity to connect with Rotary members worldwide at the 2021 Virtual Convention: Rotary Opens Opportunities, 12-16 June. Registration will open in mid-April at a special rate of $49. After 21 days, you will pay $65 to register.
You can also join us early at a preconvention for intercountry committees, Rotaract, and Rotary Youth Exchange officers, 10-11 June. Each preconvention costs an additional $20.
The 2021 Virtual Rotary Convention and preconvention events are open to all Rotary members and participants. Both the convention and preconvention fees include access to the virtual House of Friendship.
To see the D9810 R100 Baton Relay Events planned Click Here
2021/2022 Grants Qualification and Planning Seminar
D9810 Foundation Committee presents
2021/2022 Grants Qualification and Planning Seminar
6 pm for 6.30 Start. Friday 14th May 2021
Melbourne Baseball Clubrooms
Surrey Park, Surrey Drive, BOX HILL
Networking over Sandwiches available from 6 pm. Drinks available at bar prices
Who should attend?
Club Presidents Elect; Foundation, International and Community Service Committee Chairs; and Assistant Governors; Rotarians looking to Serve to Change Lives in 2021/22.
Why attend?
For Clubs to receive Global and District Grant project funding in 2020/21 at least one representative from your Club is required to attend the Seminar and hence qualify your Club to participate in the Foundation Grants program.
There has been considerable change recently for involving the Foundation with your Club and its work in the community.  The implications of this are a focus of this Seminar.
What will be covered?
  1. Changes to the Foundation’s Grant funding model
  2. The District Resource Network and other sources of expert assistance available to Clubs for grant funded projects.
  3. Getting the most out of your Club’s engagement with The Rotary Foundation.
  4. A Road Map to your next District Grant
  5. Project eligibility, 2021/22 Parameters of the grant dollar matches, Conditions, Partnering, and Timelines, for:
District (Local Community) Grants
District International Grants, and
Global Grants
To assist with Catering, please Register your Club’s attendance by
Sunday 9th May 2021.
Contact Graham Richardson by email with attendees’ names:
Malaria Awareness Day 2021
Overview Of Rotary Global Grant – “End Malaria In Vanuatu – For Good”
With a lot of work put in by RAM National Staff the “End Malaria in Vanuatu – For Good” Global Grant was submitted at the end of June 2020. The four Southern Region Districts involved were D9790, D9800, D9810, D9820 and District 9910 in New Zealand. New Zealand’s PDG Lindsay Ford (D9910) is managing the Project.
The Project will train Trainers for their National Indoor Residual Spraying Program (IRS) and provide IRS equipment and insecticides to the IRS Teams in two Provinces that are Malampa and Sanma. The total value of the Grant is USD111,024.00. Money raised was through the generous donations of DDFs from five Districts, contributions paid into the Southern Region RAWCS Fundraising Account and one third of what was required was funded by RAM itself. Our contribution is vital to malaria elimination in Vanuatu.
We REALLY NEED your help to continue and extend this worthwhile Project in the near future and would greatly appreciate your contributions via: https://donations.rawcs.com.au/104-2019-20          
We are pleased to advise that several key positions are available within RAM. We wish to invite all Rotarians who may be suitable candidates to email us with an ‘Expressions of Interest’ for the positions below. Orientation and mentoring are available for all positions.
Vacant now:
  1. Grant Writers / Project Managers / Malaria Experts for the RAM Grant Writing Team
Vacant on 1st July 2021:
  1. National Secretary for RAM
We would expect the incoming nominee to take the opportunity to be mentored by the existing incumbent, Gloria Hargreaves.
National Secretary Gloria Hargreaves (egharg@netspace.net.au) for the Role Description and Nomination Form. 
Thank you.
National Secretary Gloria Hargreaves
Supporting the Environment
Click Here for more details
RDU Advertising Commission - Boost club funds by up to $7,000
Rotary Down Under is offering a 25% commission incentive to clubs and districts that secure advertising in the magazine.  See information above and, for more, contact Judy Drake at RDU on 02 9633 4888
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