8th Edition                                                                          February 2022 
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First of all, may I extend sincere thanks to many of you who sent best wishes to both Jenny and myself during our recent bout of COVID. For both of us it was not a ‘mild’ condition and not something either of us wish to contract again. Our thoughts and good wishes are with others in our Rotary community who have also contracted the virus.
We have emerged into the second half of this Rotary year in a very different position to how it began way back in July 2021 with lockdowns, zoom meetings, QR codes, 5 Km travel limits, mask wearing and limited toilet paper! But I suggest that now in a very different 2022, we need to adopt the motto of,
Many of our Club activities for Australia Day were curtailed or cancelled and some clubs have only just started meeting again after a long holiday break. But right across D9810, our communities still need to benefit from our Rotary work and accordingly, I put the challenge to each club and committee to approach the second half of this Rotary year by adopting the motto above.
  1. SAFELY - It is important that as Rotarians, we are seen as conducting all our activities in a safe manner and that we are following health and government guidelines and rulings at all times. We owe it to our members, partners and their families as well as the wider community, to ensure that we are setting the standard in safely conducting all our activities.
  2. SENSIBLY – It probably is time for many of our clubs to sensibly review their many in-person activities and especially their meeting protocols. I know that some of our Rotarians are hesitant about gathering in numbers again and so the majority of our clubs are acting sensibly and holding their meetings in a hybrid manner. A smaller number in a physical gathering matched by others online, but still able to take part in the activities of the club is a very sensible outcome. (Stay tuned, because it is more than likely that District will be offering Round 2 offers for ‘Hybrid Meeting in A Box’ Grants very soon indeed!!) In addition, established habits, such as hand-shaking and kissing hello, can re-emerge when back in a familiar environment. It would be sensible to be a little more reserved than usual in this coronavirus environment.
  3. OPTIMISTICALLY – Rotarians are always optimistic people because they see possibilities and want to make changes for the good in their local and international communities. Now is the time for all of us as leaders in our communities to be positive about our goals, objectives and ongoing Rotary work. We should be safe and sensible in our work, but very optimistic about the opportunities and possibilities we have before us.
To that end, I look forward to seeing many of you at the forthcoming Rotary Storm Recovery Festival at Monbulk on Sunday 27th February. Please note in the flyer in this Newsletter that due to some construction and ground-work refurbishment, the venue has had to be changed and the timing somewhat shortened. Thank you to all of those clubs that are participating and assisting on the day and special thanks to Rotary Club of Monbulk, headed by Helen Riethof, and ably assisted by the Rotary Clubs of Emerald and District and Belgrave.
Please note that Sunday Sundowners and Monday Morning tea with the DG will not be continuing this year. Both events appear to have well served their purposes during lockdowns, but lack of attendance tells me that they are no longer needed. Either that or my Dad jokes were just too much to bear!
In closing, may I wish each of our clubs and Rotarians every success as we venture forth into the next five months of this Rotary year. Now that we are both well again, both Jenny and I are happy to attend any of your events if you wish and we look forward to being out and about around our mighty District 9810.
Dr Daryl Moran
District Governor 9810
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Q. Will the 2022 District Conference proceed in-person on Saturday 26th March?
A. Yes it will and there is very little chance indeed it will become a Virtual event.
Q. What measures will be in place to make it a safe event to attend?
A. Our main venue at Caulfield Racecourse will be the Panorama Room which can hold 900 patrons and still comply with the State Government advice about social distance measures. The venue requires all attendees to be fully vaccinated and to wear face masks at all times except when eating or drinking.
Q. On Friday night 25th March, the Conference is virtual for an hour and many clubs will be hosting Club Dinners to hold a ‘Watch Party.’ Can club members who have not registered for the Conference watch the event?
A. That is a matter for each club to decide and District has no way of ‘policing’ that situation and certainly, no desire to do so at all! In the Rotary spirit of ‘Is it Fair To All Concerned?’ perhaps Conference non-attendees could make a small contribution to the District Treasurer via their club, to help defray the costs of the Conference. But again, that is a matter for each club to decide and act upon.
Q. Why are no name tags being printed for attendees?
A. In an attempt to positively respond to Rotary’s Seventh Area of Focus ‘The Environment,’ no paper name tags will be printed for Rotarians, Rotaractors and their accompanying partners. Instead, attendees are encouraged to wear their usual club name badge. However, In the interests of security a small number of tags will be prepared for members of Earlyact and Interact clubs who do not have specific club name badges.
Q. Why will there be no printed paper programme?
A. Once again, in an effort to be environmentally responsible, no paper program will be printed. Instead, we are using the event app Whova which is a free download to your smart-phone and which contains speaker profiles, a timetable for the day, announcements, an ability to direct Q and A to speakers and also hosts a free site for Exhibitors. This last facility replaces the traditional House of Friendship and presents an opportunity for a much wider range of exhibitors and organisations to advertise their programs and coming events. All Conference registrants will receive an email which outlines the simple steps to follow to download the free app and to explain its use.
This app is being widely used by overseas Rotary Districts and becoming increasingly popular for Rotary Conferences and events in Zone 8. It will also be used for the D9810 Conference in 2023
Q. Are non-Rotarians able to attend the Conference?
A. Yes. Given the range of speakers and experiences, a number of outside people have expressed an interest in attending the event and we would welcome them at the same rates as for Rotarians and their partners.
Q. Where can I register and find out more information about the 2022 Conference?
A. Further details about the event, including detailed speaker profiles and the opportunity to register for the Conference and the Gala Dinner can be found at the following website.
I would encourage all members to join in rising to meet the FOUR CHALLENGES I have posed for your Presidents and Clubs.
  1. CLUB EXCELLENCE – How are YOU making YOUR club and its activities attractive to potential members and also retaining your current Rotarians?
  2. CLUB INNOVATION – How are YOU building a culture of innovation and willingness to take safe risks in YOUR club?
  3. ROTARY FAMILY – How is YOUR club maintaining, nurturing and extending our Rotary ‘Family?’
  4. ROTARY SUPPORT – Is YOUR club doing all it can to support the work of Rotary in YOUR community and the wider world?
Round 2 of Hybrid Meeting in a Box Grants
DG Daryl Moran is  delighted to announce that the District Board has made more funds available in two options to facilitate, encourage and support Rotary and Rotaract clubs in the operations of their Hybrid meetings.
Option 1
Below you will find a document outlining the SIX x $800 'Hybrid Meeting In a Box' packages that are available FREE to the first  clubs to submit a successful application when they open on the District 9810 website  Sunday 13th February at 4.00pm. Successful applicants in general will need to meet the following criteria;
a. Are new to hybrid meeting technology.
b. Can supply 3 - 4 members that are prepared to undertake on-line and in-person training in March 2022. 
c. Are prepared to use hybrid meeting technology as their main, but not exclusive, means of conducting their club meetings and associated activities. 
Option 2
For those clubs that are already using hybrid technology, FOUR x $400 grants are available to help them supplement and upgrade their current equipment. Please note again that applications for this grant can also be made on the District website via the same form, but only after 4.00pm Sunday 13th February. 
For information on how to run a hybrid meeting click on the image to the right or go to the Links for Members tab and click on IT Help.
Click the document below to read more including requirements for applications
Click the blue button below to open application on Sunday at 4:00pm or use the QR code below

Applications will open at 4:00pm - Sunday 13th February and close Friday 18th February at 4:00pm or until allocation is exhausted

Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group
Dear DG Daryl,
Happy New Year to you and your District, 9810.
Because of the far-reaching impact of Covid-19, Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group’s work is needed now more than ever. 
World Vision released a report last year on the impact of Covid-19, providing the following statistics:
  • 13.6 million more children will suffer from wasting or acute malnutrition by 2022 due to COVID-19 impacts
  • Children suffering from wasting are 11 times more likely to die from preventable diseases than those that are well-nourished.
  • The impacts of childhood malnutrition can last a lifetime, harming their ability to learn, earn and reach their full potential as adults, which also has significant economic implications, nationally and globally.
Yours in Rotary Service,
PDG Una Hobday OA
Chair Food Plant Solutions. PO Box 690. DEVONPORT TAS 7310. AUSTRALIA

Email - info@foodplantsolutions.org
Website - www.foodplantsolutions.org
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As of 15th January, the District Foundation Grants Committee can offer about five more grants of $3,000 to help fund additional projects for this Rotary year.  Details are:
  • The grants may be for Local or International projects.  Low-Level Scholarships of $1,000 - $2,000 are NOT available.
  • Projects may be of a humanitarian or educational nature.
  • The grants offered are from $2,000 minimum to $3,000 maximum and must be matched by your club on a basis.  Sponsoring clubs can contribute more than the grant amount if your project needs it.
  • Applications must be received on or before 28th February, 2022
  • Projects should be of a short-term nature.  Aim to complete it before calendar 2023.
  • The Application Form is available from the District website, www.9810rotary.org.au , under “Avenues of Service / The Rotary Foundation.”  The form itself, and other information in that section of the website, will guide you for successfully completing your Club’s application.  They must be completed by computer.  
  • Grants will be awarded on a “first in and approved, first awarded” basis.
This offer is made for any club to take advantage of, regardless of whether you have a previous 2021-22 grant, or not and we look forward to receiving your applications.
PP Graham Richardson
D9810 Grants Subcommittee Chair
M: +61 407 339 343
For the latest information about Rotary Young leaders in Action click the link to subscribe and find out more about Interact, RYLA and Rotaract.
Rotary International <youngleaders@rotary.org>
The effects of the Volcano and Tsunami on January 15th will be far-reaching, impacting the Tonga Community for months, possibly years to come.
Communication remains problematic with international and inter-island call still no possible due to the damage to the undersea cable.
Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) will be working with Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS) and Rotary Club of Nuku’alofa (Tonga) in providing aid and assistance to the affected communities’ and restoring their livelihoods.
RAWCS has registered a Rotary Australia Relief Fund project to seek financial assistance from Rotary Clubs, the public and private sector.
Donations to the RAWCS Relief Fund are tax deductible and you can donate through https://rawcs.org.au/
Project Tonga Volcano Eruption and Tsunami Disaster https://directory.rawcs.com.au/42-2021-22
It’s time we take a stand to beat malaria - TOGETHER!
Nothing But Nets’ annual Summit - 2022 Leadership Summit: United to Beat Malaria - is a fully virtual event that will bring together hundreds of passionate global health advocates and feature some of the world’s most influential figures in the fight against malaria. Click HERE for more information about this unique opportunity of traveling to the frontlines to witness the direct impact of your dedication and connect with other passionate champions.

Please REGISTER by February 11th!
Register Here
Milestone !! Foreign Coin Collection for UNICEF

Recently we shipped off another 60 kg of coins & notes and in the process passed the half tonne mark. In these last five years the D9810 has actually sent off 540kg valued at over $17,000. A huge thank you to all those clubs that have continued to collect over the years. We also organised for Star Casino to send coins they’d collected which were valued at $4,705. The coins and notes are sent off in 60kg batches in 10kg pouches which UNICEF organise through Change Global Exchange who pay for all the transport. We have 47kg of coins towards our next shipment.

When I first contacted UNICEF back in 2015, the UNICEF Partnerships Manager Eamon Bryant emailed “We see Rotary and UNICEF as a perfect match, a dream fit”. UNICEF works in over 190 countries for the rights and welfare of all children. It supports children’s health needs, clean water and sanitation, quality basic education, and protection from violence, exploitation, and HIV. It has the same ideals as Rotary.

The Rotary Give Every Child a Future is a centenary project aiming to immunise 100,000 children in the Pacific: https://everychildafuture.com/ It is a UNICEF project that Rotary has agreed to fund.

This D9810 coin collection has contributed over $20,000 to the centenary project.

UNICEF pointed out that they partner with very few organisations. They only want their names linked to world class organisations. Qantas and CBA are just about the only ones apart from Rotary.

This is a NO COST project for Rotary, apart from the effort of all those people who donate the coins and notes. Most clubs in the District have contributed along with some churches, some branches of the Bendigo Bank where clubs hold their accounts, a Sikh temple, one club in D9800, and of course the many friends of Rotary. The coins and notes are sent and paid for by secure courier bags to a company Change Global Exchange Pty Ltd who value it and give an A$ cheque to UNICEF. www.changeglobal.com.au

Contact: ronbrooks1942@gmail.com  or 0413-042-04

Here is the link to Rotary’s National Australia Day Event Stagepass.com.au/rotary or our vimeo channel https://vimeo.com/670059530/02f8c59fd4 .
A huge thank you to all of you for your amazing work in bringing this together for us.  We should be very proud of all our efforts and the resulting production. I understand some of the attendees had some disruption issues.  If you know of anyone, please pass this link onto them.  Again, a huge thank you to all for bringing the Rotary National Australia Day Central Event together in 2022.
Best regards
Philip Archer
Immediate Past District 9800 Governor
District Membership & Marketing Director 2021-22
Mark Humphries 
District Governor 2020-2021
Rotary District 9820
Mad March Cycle Challenge
After a successful inaugural event in 2021, where we raised over $24,000 for Australian Rotary Health, running in conjunction with the
Ride for Medical Research, the Mad March Challenge is on again.
Registration opens on the 1st of January 2022 and is again Free.
Ride, Run, Walk or Swim to
Make A Difference
How far can you go in the Month of March 2022, 10km, 50km, 500km or more? You Choose.
Challenge yourself in your regular exercise program, or start a new one to improve your health.
  • Set a target distance
  • Seek sponsorship
  • Challenge your friends to join you.
  • Registration is “Free”
For more information or to sign up please use the link below.
Why not challenge the riders on the Ride for Medical Research, they have 6 days to cover 580km, you have a month. Go on give it a go.
“Rotary in Action”
(Recruiting for District 9790, 9800 and 9810 aspiring radio presenters)
Community radio station 96.5 InnerFM, that broadcasts from its studios in the Warringal Shopping Centre, Heidelberg, is inviting Rotarians to be trained as radio presenters.
After this training the Presenter will be rostered to host a one-hour program of Rotary news, announcements, music and information in the listening area of Rotary Districts 9790, 9800 and 9810.
The radio program “Rotary in Action” is the world’s longest running hour-long weekly radio program totally dedicated to broadcasting Rotary news and information. It is broadcast every Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm and has done so since 1995.
Presenters alternate every six weeks with detailed training, coaching and support being provided.  Several Rotarians from these districts are already actively involved with the station.
This latest invitation presents our members with a great opportunity to do something exciting and different while adding to an individual’s skills set – as well as giving back to their community.
Why not add to your Rotary journey by joining our team of Rotary Radio Presenters?
For more information contact:
Greg King
Rotary Manningham
Mobile: 0416 045 157
Rotary Peace Centres
The 2023 Rotary Peace Fellowship application is now available, and we need your help finding the next cohort of global peace and development leaders.

As a district leader, you play a critical role in promoting the Rotary Peace Centers programs to potential candidates. These resources can help you, and others, recruit candidates:
  • Take the All About the Rotary Peace Fellowship course to learn about qualification requirements, eligibility restrictions, the application process, and more.
  • Send emails to your contacts with the fellowship announcement attached.
  • Use our referral form to tell us about potential candidates, and we’ll follow up with them.
  • As we grow our certificate program, we are particularly seeking qualified candidates for our peace centers at Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and Makerere University (Uganda). The one-year program is intended for working professionals and requires 11 weeks of on-site participation. We are looking for candidates with a minimum of five years of relevant work experience (the average age for this program is 42). Graduates receive a post-graduate diploma in peace studies upon completion of the program.
Candidates have until 15 May to submit applications to The Rotary Foundation.

This year we are expanding our endorsement process to ensure an equitable process for districts and candidates. District Rotary Peace Fellowship Subcommittee Chairs who complete the required endorser training will be assigned up to 5 candidates to interview for endorsement consideration. Any additional applications from your district will be assigned to Rotarians your district identifies to become trained Rotary endorsers or they will be redirected to trained endorsers in another district. The endorser training will be available in the Rotary Learning Center in mid-March. Trained Rotary endorsers have until 1 July to submit endorsed applications to The Rotary Foundation.

Send any questions about the fellowship program to
rotarypeacecenters@rotary.org. Thank you for your dedication to the Rotary Peace Centers and your help educating Rotary members and your community about the fellowships.

Rotary Peace Centers program

Rotary Peace Centers are made possible by the generosity of donors.
DG Ray Adams (1989 – 90) RC Doncaster
  1. A series of eight Rotary Peace Programs were held in various locations around the world in 1987 – 90 and one was held in Melbourne in 1989. As a direct result of the enthusiasm generated at this conference District Governor Ray Adams (Oakleigh) appointed a Rotary Foundation sub-committee under the chairmanship of Rtn Alex Owen to see what could be done in D9810 to further the aims of the Rotary Peace Programmes. The committee invited Mr Zina Bott (Doncaster), the Consul General for Ukraine in Australia to address it and a number of actions followed his talk.
  • The Rotary Clubs of Doncaster and Forest Hill made cash donations in support of the provision of medical treatment for victims of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster.
  • D9810 pledged to support the construction of one hut to house 150 children in the Carpathian Mountains to enable children suffering from irradiation induced illness to spend extended periods in clean mountain air. Some 20 huts were being built in conjunction with the Government of Ukraine.
  1. Liaison between the D9810 Peace Programme Committee in an effort to reduce conflict in society also led to the adoption of three initiatives:
  • Improved security lighting in bayside foreshore locations.
  • Assistance to assertive parenting groups with Rotary Clubs providing advice and financial support.
  • Rotary assistance to police in establishing a multilingual translator service to aid police in working with non-English speaking members of society.
  1.  A Rotary peace initiative organised between clubs in the USA and Japan to establish a Peace Park in Hawaii was supported by D9810 when the majority of clubs in the district each donated a pebble of local origin. The pebbles joined others from all over the world in a display signifying a world-wide desire for peace.
Mon 14 Feb   Youth Service Seminar (TBC)
Fri 25 Feb
  Monthly Meeting of DG with Club Presidents, AG’s and DST
Sun 27 Feb   Rotary Storm Recovery Festival at Monbulk (In-person)
Sat-Sun 5 - 6 Mar   MDPETS (On-line)
20 Mar
  Shine-On Awards (In-person)
Thu 24 Mar
  Monthly Meeting of DG with Club Presidents, AG’s and DST
25 Mar
  2022 District Conference (On-line)
26 Mar
  2022 District Conference at Caulfield Racecourse (In-person)
Fri 22 Apr
  Monthly Meeting of DG with Club Presidents, AG’s and DST
Fri 22 Apr
  President Elect Information Session In-person with DGE Ken 
  Miller (tbc)
Sat 23 Apr
  President Elect Information Session In-person with DGE Ken
  Miller (tbc)
29 Apr
  Malaria Awareness Day
Fri 13 May
  Foundation Grants – Club Qualification and Planning Seminar
Fri 20 May
  Monthly Meeting at Mulgrave Country Club of DG with Club
  Presidents, AG’s and DST and joined by Presidents Elect, AG’s
  and DST for 2022-23. (Hybrid)
Sat-Sun 22-29 May   District Training Assembly (On-line)
25 Jun
  District Changeover Dinner (In-person)
1 Jul
  D9810 40th Birthday Event (In-person)
Fri-Sun 3 - 5 Mar   D9810 District Conference
Sun - Wed 27 - 31 May Rotary International Convention (RICON 23) Melbourne
Click Here for full details
Latest Newsletter
Rotary’s Centenary project saving the lives of children in Zone 8’s Pacific area.
  1. Five Minute Youtube clip with advice about Social-Media for Rotary clubs and how to disable unwanted Face Book comments on their club page.
  1. Advice for clubs about making 'cashless' payments for club activities. A number of clubs are using the following means and no doubt there are others as well. Lilydale and Moorabbin - Direct debit. Boronia, Doncaster, Beaumaris, OCH, Box Hill Central, Mordialloc - EFTPOS machines. Nunawading - a Square device. 
The Rotary Club of East Maitland in NSW has produced on Canva a very unique one-page graphic to illustrate their ‘Annual Report.’ It is certainly worth a look and could be most applicable to websites and Facebook pages.
A link to a non-Rotary website that explores the advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid meetings in the workplace, with some ideas for us to consider in our Rotary meeting environment.
Amanda Watkin, Rotary GB&I General Secretary, shares how Rotary clubs in the UK are navigating their way to normality post COVID-19 in the latest Rotary Magazine at the following link:
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