11th Edition                                                                                  May 2022 
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During April Jenny and I had the privilege of attending a number of Rotary Club Anzac Day services, principally aimed at school children in our District. On behalf of our District, we laid ‘wreaths’ in the form of a book entitled ‘The Art of Sacrifice’ which pays tribute to those Australians who gave their lives on active service and in part also tells the Anzac story. We were greatly heartened to see the dignified and respectful way the hundreds of young people present at these events conducted themselves. Our grateful thanks are extended to the many Rotarians in this District who planned and assisted with these important days in the life of our communities. I heard one Guest Speaker say that we needed to do three actions on Anzac Day; Remember the Lost Lives, Remember to Give Thanks and Remember to Move Forward. In the context of a solemn ceremony which honours the sacrifice of 102,000 Australians in wartime, these sentiments are most appropriate.
But I also think in the context of Rotary, that these sentiments should also apply to us in all aspects of our work and especially the life and membership issues of our clubs.
As we move out of COVID lockdowns, we should Remember the Lost family events, club involvement and inter-personal happenings that we missed out on enjoying during those dark days. But we need to Remember To be Thankful that in large measure, we are still standing and are now able to enjoy our regular club activities and special times with our families. In our own family, we are especially enjoying the laughter and happiness of in-person birthday celebrations and are celebrating with much gusto to make up for those we did not get to celebrate together in 2020 and 2021.
But the third component involves Remembering to Move Forward and this especially applies to all of us right now. Elsewhere in this Newsletter, you will find advice and information about the major Zone 8 Rotary International Regionalisation Project which the RI Council on Legislation has just approved. With falling membership numbers, club closures and in our case, the merging of two Districts, RI is trying to seize the initiative and help Rotary in Zone 8 to Move Forward.
Rotary Online: How The Change Is Now Upon Us | District 7040If the way our clubs worked before the pandemic was not producing results in our club efforts and membership, then why would we return to those old ways? We are our own worst enemies when it comes to traditions and clinging on to the past. As we face the various challenges of falling club memberships, merging of Districts and Zone 8 Regionalisation, we should take note of what the founder of Rotary Paul Harris and Arch Klumph, the founder of the Rotary Foundation, said a long, long, long time ago. Their words should be ringing in our ears as we Remember to Move Forward in a Positive and Optimistic fashion in the last months of Rotary Year 2021-22.
Rotary International - #TBT: Future-looking words of wisdom from Arch  Klumph, the father of The Rotary Foundation. | Facebook
Since I was appointed to the position of DGN some years ago, I set each of the Presidents and their clubs Four Challenges from the District Governor and they have been listed in every edition of this Newsletter. With just three months of this Rotary year left, it is time for all of us to revisit them and to measure how we are going in our Rotary work and especially when measured against the Four Challenges. I encourage EVERY member of our District to examine how their club is progressing in this Rotary year and see what else could be achieved to help your President and club reach their Rotary goals for 2021-22.
How is your club going?
‘Serving to Change Lives.’
Dr Daryl Moran
District Governor 9810
‘Day For Girls’
Many members of District 9810 will have seen the interview with Celeste Mergens, founder of Days for Girls, that featured as part of the District Conference at the end of March. Her passion for helping girls and young women towards better menstrual health and improved opportunities and dignity came out very clearly.
The opportunity for me to help in this process, with my DG Partner project, has been a privilege and the support from clubs and individuals from around the District has been very gratifying.
To date, some of the money donated has been used to support a team in Fiji west, by funding the purchase of a commercial overlocker for the team. A purchase has also been funded of 60 dozen undies, which are difficult to source in bulk in Fiji. As two pairs of undies are included in each kit, this will provide sufficient undies for 360 kits. Flannelette is also being sourced with the aim of sending it to a budding team in Timor Leste. Without a doubt, as more teams become established there will be the opportunity to provide other items which are difficult to source locally.
A further goal of my DG Partner Project in my initial thinking was to assist with the training of new team leaders. Now that overseas travel is becoming a possibility, there are plans underway to bring some emerging team leaders to Australia from Fiji and Papua New Guinea for the annual Days for Girls Conference and some training, in November. The funds contributed to my project will help provide the means for this to occur. While these women are in Australia it is planned that I will have the opportunity to host them, with the intention of actively engaging with local Rotarians and Days for Girls team members – an exciting opportunity.
In all of this I owe a huge vote of thanks to Mary Connelly-Gale, the COO of Days for Girls Australia, who has direct contact with the overseas teams, suppliers of items such as underwear and with transport companies. Her assistance has been invaluable. In addition, her contact with the budding teams in the Pacific has provided feedback that the support and assistance from Australia is very much appreciated, both in terms of the physical and financial assistance and also the moral support. For women in countries such as Fiji, knowing that there are people in Australia who are keen to support them in their efforts to improve the lives of their young women is heart-warming. Thank you all for your support and interest.
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Rotarian Jenny Moran (Rowville-Lysterfield)
ANZAC DAY 2022 in D9810
Now that we are beginning to meet in-person to a larger extent than before, it has been most pleasing to attend a number of Anzac Day Services and occasions around our District, especially those involving school students. Jenny and I were unable to attend every single event, but were pleased to be able to be present at quite a few and thank all those clubs that went to the trouble of organising these events, especially with the timing of the school holidays providing an interesting problem. Here is a selection of photos from some of those we were able to be at for the special ceremonies.
A picture containing person, outdoor, ground, treeDescription automatically generatedAt Boronia with their President Peter Dalwood.
At the Hampton RSL with Sandringham, Hampton and Brighton (9800) Clubs
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At Templestowe with their President
Luke Bastian.
Taking part in the Dawn Service at Ferntree Gully, with some very musical kookaburra’s, that did not understand the concept of a solemn Minute’s Silence. Very beautiful and very Australian!
Rotary International is considering a project to address membership, public image, communication, leadership, and fundraising challenges to help define a more sustainable future for Rotary. Our region, or Zone 8, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, has been selected as one of two potential regions from across the globe to pilot a regional approach to governance. It is important that you, our fellow Rotarians, are consulted throughout this process. In fact, the project cannot proceed without the support of members and clubs.
The time-line for consultation and action, is that as from mid-May 2022, all Clubs and Districts will receive further information. All Districts will then help all Rotarians prepare their clubs for a vote of all Zone 8 Clubs in September 2022, to determine the future of the Zone 8 Regionalisation Project.
As District Governor, I call upon ALL Rotarians in D9810 to familiarise themselves with the concept and to visit the Zone 8 Regionalisation Project website to gain more information and to begin the feedback process. Rotary International has given us an opportunity to better shape Rotary in our Zone, let’s make the most of that chance by being informed and involved!

Of concern is this chart of Zone 8 Membership trends, which shows that nearly a third of new Rotarians leave during their first three years of membership. I remind you of this slide I showed at every Club Visit last year. The reasons for joining and leaving our Rotary Clubs are more relevant than ever in 2022!
D9810 Giving to the TRF Annual Program Fund
An update from D9810 Foundation Chair PDG David Alexander with regard to Foundation Giving, nine weeks prior to 30th June 2022 and the conclusion of this Rotary year.
Many of us are aware that Foundation funding occurs over a 3 year cycle and our 2021-22 target for the Annual Program Fund is to raise US$200,000, so we have returned funds of $100,000 to use in our District. This gives us adequate funding to match our Club’s contributions to PolioPlus and commit a healthy balance to our District and Global Grants.  Giving to the Annual Program Fund comprises 3 separate funds: Club giving; Centurions and Paul Harris Society; - as shown below.
Currently, the Centurions program, which asks Rotarians to contribute $100 pa has raised AU$35,000 towards a target of $51,000 or has reached 68 % of the target.
The Paul Harris Society, which is raised from a Rotarian contribution of US$1,000+ a year currently has 19 members, or 50% of the regular contributors to this fund.  Right now, it is a fantastic time to give with the US exchange rate was 75 cents during April.
32 club have now contributed towards the Annual Fund target goals set in July 2021, down by US$34,000 on the March 2021 contribution.  So far, 15 Clubs have met their Giving goal; but a further 25 clubs still have work to do to reach their giving target.
So with 9 weeks to go until 30th of June 2022, we need a super human effort from all of our Clubs and Rotarians to dig deep, as we are just over half way towards our $200,000 target goal.
Ukraine Update:  Disaster Response Fund
District 9810 is committed to supporting the refugee crisis in Ukraine. Through the Disaster Response Fund, we have contributed US$5,000 of our District Designated Fund, (which unfortunately is not matched by The Rotary Foundation).  Details for Club and Rotarian contributions to the Disaster Fund (via the Sydney RISSPO office) are incuded on the D9810 home page.
Our own D9810 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund
Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services: https://rotary9810cs.org.au
The Trustee for Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services (ABN 93 355 920 863) supports the service projects of Rotarians predominantly in D9810.  Our vision is for Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services to become a major provider of public benevolent services and significantly reduce the incidence of poverty, sickness, suffering and helplessness in the community.
In 2017, D9810 launched its tax deductible funds for four key Club projects:
  • Manningham Inclusive Community Housing (less abled younger people - Rotary Manningham).
  • Montrose and District Men’s Shed (Rotary Croydon and Montrose)*
  • Maroondah City of Wellbeing (Mental Health - Rotary Croydon)*
  • Helping Hand Foodbank (Rotary Croydon and Montrose)*
*Croydon and Montrose will hand in its Charter on 30 June 2022
Since that time, we have also added two new projects:
  • D9800-D9810 Drought Relief Project   
  • Bushfire Trauma Relief Project in conjunction with the Bendigo Bank.
D9810 Charitable Services provides administration services for projects established under the Trust including receiving funds, issuing tax receipts and preparing audited financial statements.
How can your Rotary Club establish an eligible project?
Your Club project must qualify by reducing the incidence of poverty, sickness, suffering or helplessness in the community. Typically you will be partnering with a not for profit community service organisation that seeks to raise between $10,000 to $30,000 (or more) per year from tax deductible donations.
You will need to prepare a project outline and send it to the Secretary, Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services neville@ballards.com.au.
Click here to review 2021-22 Charitable Services Annual Report.
PDG David Alexander (Manningham)
2022 District Assembly - Program overview and registrations

Registrations are now open for the 2022 District 9810 District Assembly 

How to register:  Click on the link

>>>    https://events.humanitix.com/rotary-district-9810-district-assembly   <<<<

To register in a session - Select the date and time of the session - complete the registration for each session.  

Key points:  

  • Registrations are open for President Elect / President nominees for:   
    • Session 1: Sunday 22nd May - 9:30 - 12:00pm - President Elect 2022-23 
    • Session 2: Sunday 22nd May - 9:30 - 10:30am - President Nominee 2023-24
  • Further sessions scheduled throughout the week include: 
    • Session 3: Monday 23rd May - 5:30 - 6:30pm - The role the Club Secretary  
    • Session 4: Monday 23rd May - 7:00 - 8:00pm - What you need to know about regarding insurance, youth protection and the code of conduct 
    • Session 5: Wednesday 25th May - 5:30 - 6:30pm - The role the Club Treasurer 
    • Session 6: Wednesday 25th May - 7:00 - 8:00pm - Public image and marketing  
    • Session 7: Thursday 26th - 5:30 - 6:30pm - Youth & Community Service 
    • Session 8: Thursday 26th 7:00 - 8:00pm - Engaging members  
    • Session 9: Friday 27th 5:30 - 6:30pm - Foundation & International Service   
    • Session 10: Friday 27th 7:00 - 8:00pm - Rotarians of the future 
    • Session 11: Sunday 29th 9:30 - 10:30am - Membership matters 
  • A link will be sent to participants registered for each session in the days prior to the scheduled start.  
  • Sessions may be recorded and shared with those registered in a session and made available for a short period of time following the session.  
  • An overview of the schedule is available by clicking here
Kylie Knight-Brown 
Assistant Governor  
Whitehorse A Cluster - District 9810  
District 9810 Learning & Development Trainer
Rotary District 9810 Saves the Day for 40 Students
This project was to send A$6000 to the Rotary Club of Taveuni to disburse via their existing
Secondary School Student Scholarship project to supply school supplies to needy students
as a result of financial hardship caused by Cyclone Yasa (Dec 2020) and Cyclone Anna (Jan 2021)
and lately Covid.
The Rotary Club of Wandin applied for and was approved for a Foundation Grant to cover
half the cost of this project. Rotary Wandin and Rotary Boronia each supplied one quarter of the
monies necessary. The money from Rotary Wandin was raised via a film night screening the
latest James Bond film – a great night enjoyed by the many Rotarians and Friends attending.
Rotary Boronia sought a number of public donations and club events to raise the money.
40 families were thus chosen for this part of the overall project.
Each family had to complete an application form, attend an in person interview, supply evidence of past school achievements and basically agree to support their child in the coming year of study –  the child agreed to attend school and do their very best to make the Rotary contribution worthwhile.
The local school Head Teachers and staff provide the Rotary Club with general information about
students and family needs. The most needy are able to be identified by their local schools and
reported to the Rotary Club for consideration for assistance.
It is recognised, by many worldwide relief and support organisations, that EDUCATION – is the only sustainable way to overcome and escape poverty in third world with their very
rural subsistence living conditions – the benefits of this project are that some 40 children will receive a secondary year of education in 2022 and thus commence and continue their path to a better future.
Cyclone Yasa ( Dec 20 ), Cyclone Anna ( Jan 21 ) devastated the food and Kava crops on Taveuni Island. The income of the farming families were thus reduced to ZERO.
The selling of food and Kava returns cash to the island and this provides families with the
ability to live and send their children to school. Of particular note is Secondary School where uniforms and materials must be provided by the families or the student cannot attend.
A small amount of cash continued to come in to the island from family members working on
the main island Viti Levu in hospitality roles.
Following on the heal of the cyclones Covid struck the islands. Result – Fiji closed their borders and hospitality ceased needing any working people.
The family members from the outer islands were thus out of work and the only way to survive was to quickly return to Taveuni island and live with their families – again no cash was coming in to the families.
The next shock was schools closing for the best part of 2021.
Many of the larger schools were converted into quarantine facilities for those returning
to Taveuni. 2021 was thus the year from hell for school children on Taveuni –
no facilities exist for remote learning and thus really a year has passed with little to no
ability to facilitate student learning.
The project was delayed whilst Rotary ensured that once learning commenced the right
students had the assistance they needed to be able to continue.
The good news is that on April 11th 2022 all schools on Taveuni commenced their 2022 year.
Rotary has thus been able to finalise the project and 40 recipients have returned to school as planned – all be it some 12 months later that we would have liked.
The photos show three very happy students and a very happy Mum collecting some
of their materials for the new school year.
Covid did delay the project but the expected results have now been fully achieved.
Ongoing Taveuni Island Student School Assistance Project
Following three cyclones and now Covid restrictions and infections the families on Taveuni Island are struggling with loss of family incomes. It is a real crisis for many families to afford to send their children to secondary school – costs for books and uniforms etc.
To assist them we are raising money for the ongoing Taveuni Student Assistance Project – 2022 is now set but 2023 is looking very short of funds as the needs are continuing.
Click the Donations link above for all Rotary Boronia Fiji Projects
  • including the School Assistance Project.
(Donations are Tax Deductible)
Peter Malden
International Chair
Rotary Club of Boronia
Supporting the Environment: Volunteering Opportunity
The district 9810 Sustainable Communities Committee has a volunteer opportunity for your club to address Rotary’s new Area of Focus: Supporting the Environment
For more about our committee and Environmental initiatives in our district, visit https://9810rotary.org.au/page/sustainability-amp-environment
Andersons Creek Landcare needs volunteers!
Join a local community group weeding and planting to restore significant tracts of bush land along Andersons Creek in Warrandyte for the revival of fauna and flora and the community’s enjoyment.
ACL hosts regular weekend planting days. 2022 dates are: May 22, June 19, July 23 and August 21.
The group meets opposite 10 Gold Memorial Rd, Warrandyte from 1-3pm and work ends with a social afternoon tea. Tools and gloves are provided, just wear appropriate clothing.
Weekly working bees have also recommenced and are every Wednesday from 10 am to 12 noon; all are welcome, regardless of experience.
Use the contact details below to get in touch with Anderson Creek Landcare if you are interested in adding this enjoyable volunteer opportunity to your club’s calendar.
Facebook.com/andersonscreeklandcare or parkconnect.vic.gov.au
Public Officer: Fritz Uhl Phone: 0439 443 703 or fuhl@bigpond.net.au
1965-72 National Servicemen Who Did Not Serve in Vietnam
If you know a 1966-72 Nasho who didn’t go to Vietnam, please ask him to log onto www.nashofairgo.com.au and register with us. We want him on board.
Even if you don’t know a Nasho, you can help us by logging on and registering as a Supporter. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
Geoff Parkes
President, Nasho Fair Go Inc. Go Inc.                                                                                        Mobile: 0418 392 748                                                                                                      Email: hello@nashofairgo.com.au
Youth protection is a critical component of programs and projects that Rotary conducts. The following are some key elements of what we all should know as Rotarians.
Why is this important? There are 4 key reasons
  1. To protect the children we work with.     
  2. Because it’s the law
  3. To protect our Brand
  4. To prevent / or manage issues.
What should you do if a child under 18 years old reports they were harmed by a Rotarian. There are 5 actions, in order, that we must follow. Remember its not our role to investigate an issue involving children, that’s the role of the Police.
Risk Assessments: When planning a Youth Event, bring together 3-4 members of the Club, or young people, to compile a list of risks. Rate the items in terms of likelihood to happen and consequences, then concentrate on the high likelihood and high consequence items to devise action plans to minimize the risk and mitigate the consequences. There are many examples available just ask.
Key items to complete prior to starting a new youth program
  • Risk assessment
  • Board Approval
  • Training
  • Current WWC cards
  • Volunteer Declaration Forms
  • District sign off for Insurance cover.
  • Attendance records at the event.
Four new additions to the Victorian Child Safe Standards coming into effect on July 1st 2022.
  1. Involve & inform families in decisions on how their child will be managed in a Rotary Youth Program
  2. A greater focus on safety of Aboriginal /Disabled / Ethnic children and their cultural needs in Rotary programs
  3. Manage the risk of child abuse in online Rotary programs
  4. Rotary Youth policies are easy to understand, transparent and implemented by all Rotarians.
Summary: Youth Protection policies apply to all youth events involving children under 18. It is the responsibility of Clubs and Rotarians involved to understand their obligations, be trained and implement the requirements. Rotary has online training and D9810 offers training for clubs at your meetings, or specific advice if needed for a program you are considering.
A simple question that should guide you in your actions is: “How would I want my family to be treated?” If in doubt, ASK!
Ken Mirams
D9810 Youth Protection Officer.
The publication ‘Rotary International District 9810 District History 1982 – 1995’ written by PP Richard Kleine (Forest Hill) and published in 1995 outlines the very active Youth Service programs in our District in its first thirteen years of operations. Here are some highlights.
DiagramDescription automatically generatedDuring our first thirteen years as a Rotary District, a total of 632 students took part in RYEP, having been sponsored or hosted by clubs within District 9810. In the areas of sponsored and hosted students, the leading clubs were Noble Park (30), Emerald and District (27), Dingley Village (25) and Forest Hill (24).Exchanges had been conducted with 19 different countries with Japan (125), USA (107) and NZ (61) the leaders in this area.
(During this time our son Peter, enjoyed a year on exchange in Germany in 1993 – 4. Over time we hosted four Inbound students, one from France, who loved Australia so much, she returned to live here and is now married with two little children in Melbourne!)
Interact Flag | Standard + club name | IAM 06.1Catering for secondary school students, Interact became part of our District from our inception onwards when the Interact Club of Aspendale (chartered in 1980) joined us in 1982. Later clubs in those early years came from Noble Park (Chandler HS), Boronia, Belgrave (Upwey HS) and Bentleigh/McKinnon HS.
PDG Bill Tierney was the D9810 Liaison Officer and a member of the Council from 1988 – 1991. The Rotary Club of Doncaster initiated the Australian Scientific Industry Association (ASIA) Science Summer School program sponsored by Siemens Ltd in 1989. At that time the Federal Co-ordinating Committee was chaired by PP Ern Dawes (RC Doncaster) and PDG Bob Laslett (Forest Hill) was also a member.
RYPEN - Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment - Rotary Club of KnoxThe RYPEN program was introduced to D9810 in 1989 when a seminar attended by 30 young people aged between 14 and
17 was held at The Basin Youth Convention Centre. A seminar was held every year after that and RYPEN was at that stage the fastest growing youth program in the District with 65 young people in attendance at the 1993 event.
RYLA - Rotary District 1020
These annual seminars for young adults aged 18 – 30 were conducted in D9810 from 1982 onwards.
          In 1995 it was stated that the following 15 Rotaract clubs were in existence in D9810.
Rotaract | District 9455
Belgrave, Bentleigh, Boronia, Cheltenham, Clayton, Donvale, Emerald and District, Glen Waverley, Lilydale, Moorabbin, Noble Park, Nunawading, Ringwood, Upper Yarra and Waverley.
  • Lilydale – ‘Blue Light Disco’ which raised $25,000 between 1982 – 1985
  • Beaumaris – Shade House Project and Outward Bound program for local disadvantaged youth
  • Monbulk – Debutante Balls which raised $16,000 from 1988 – 1991
  • Oakleigh – Homeless Youth Project involving the establishment of a Homeless Youth Foundation to provide low coast accommodation units
  • The Basin – Promotion of the Ambassadorial Scholar program and the sponsorship of a student from the USA
  • Wandin – Support for the Life Education program
  • Moorabbin Central – ‘Operation Inspiration’ which gave less privileged youth aged 13 – 14 an opportunity to experience a range of activities including flying, fishing, boating and associated life experiences.
Rotary Alumni Pins - available for purchase
An initial order of a limited number of official Rotary Alumni Pins from the UK are available to be purchased for those who were a beneficiary of a Rotary Youth Program or a Rotary Foundation Scholarship or experience. If there is sufficient interest, a further order will be placed. 

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to present an Alumni Pin to their sponsored candidates upon completion of their experience.
Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is a national initiative established in 1997 to help end malaria in our partner countries (Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Timor Leste and West Timor). We save lives by providing support to our partners to prevent malaria infections.
A key national position within RAM is now available. We wish to invite all Rotarians who would like a leadership role as the National Secretary for RAM and may be suitable candidates to email an “Expression of Interest” for the position below. Orientation and mentoring will be provided.
For more information with regards to the National Secretary for RAM’s responsibilities and how to apply for the position click here
Thank you.
Interim National Secretary Gloria Hargreaves
Rotary International Convention 2023 Melbourne

Hi all

We are rapidly reaching the date - 4th June 2022 - when registrations for the Melbourne 2023 Convention will open.  Before we know it the 2023 Convention will be upon us.  As one of the five Victorian host districts, there is much for us to do.  As our District's representative on the Host Organising Committee (HOC) and one of the two Vice Chairs of the HOC, I would appreciate the opportunity to address your Club on our preparations for the Convention and opportunities for your members to volunteer, and to host international visitors at a hospitality event.  


Tony Monley OAM


Click Here for full details
Click Here to book your spot
Fri 20 May
  Monthly Meeting at Mulgrave Country Club of DG with Club
  Presidents, AG’s and DST and joined by Presidents Elect, AG’s
  and DST for 2022-23. (Hybrid)
Sun-Sun 22-29 May   District Training Assembly (On-line)
25 Jun
  District 9810 Changeover Dinner at Southern Golf Club
Fri-Sun 3 - 5 Mar   D9810 District Conference
Sun - Wed 27 - 31 May   Rotary International Convention (RICON 23) Melbourne
Hi to all.
Just a reminder that in 2021/22 the District Governors Newsletter is a monthly edition. So please send me your photos and articles to highlights9810@gmail.com prior to the next edition which is published during the first week of every month.
If you would like to see any Newsletters from the current or previous years click here.
Also Please remember that "Highlights" will be sent out on the third Monday of every month with the next edition being on the 18th April. Please send me any events & functions that you have planned in 2021/2022.
In the meantime you can view all the current events here
All the best
Michael Ellinger 
Rotary Club of Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale
Highlights Editor