24th Edition                                                                              14 June 2021 
You are now reading the final issue of Open Doors.  Over the year, this newsletter has sought to provide ideas and inspiration while opening the door to the wider world of Rotary.  I hope it has succeeded for you at least occasionally.  I want to extend a big thank you and lots of appreciation to Michael Ellinger who, each fortnight, has taken my items and formatted them into a Newsletter with added items provided by District Rotarians.  It’s great to work with someone as reliable as Michael has been.
This has been a year like no other.  We have been tried by the circumstances in which we find ourselves but, I must say, Rotary District 9810 has weathered the storm.
As we emerge once again from lockdown, clubs are working towards their changeover events and hoping that their plans are not thwarted by COVID restrictions.  You will have seen in your email that the District Changeover has been postponed to Friday 9 July in the hope that it won’t be impacted.
A group of people sitting at a tableDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceIn the last little while the Multi-District Conference central committee met to celebrate a successful online event.  Although not even close to the Conference originally planned, we finally managed to provide a total of 5 hours of (I think) informative and entertaining content.  The pic shows the committee.  You will see from D9810 Ian Goldsmith, Steve Macdonald, Brian McPhail, Jenny Moran and me.  Thank you and well done to the entire team.
A special note of congratulations to Monash Rotaract on winning a national award for one of their inspirational “lockdown” projects.  See below for details.
As I approach the end of my term as District Governor my thoughts, like yours, turn to next year and the next role.  Under the guidance of incoming DG, Daryl Moran, I will be taking on the role of District Membership Chair.  I hope that, in that position, I will have the opportunity to visit – in person – many clubs in the District.
I would also like to add a big thank you to all those people who have undertaken District roles this year.  Your service is much appreciated by all Rotarians in D9810 and, for this year, by me in particular. 
In this issue we say goodbye to PDG Bob Richards’ wife Jill and extend our sympathy to Bob and all her Rotary friends.
As we come to the end of the year, there are several reminders for action in this issue.  See the items with “Action Required Now” in the heading!
Other items to enjoy include;
  • A message from the Prime Minister
  • Exciting news about Polio
  • Great news on RYLA
  • Some fantastic events to support
  • A suggested Vocational Visit
… and, of course (and for the last time), much, much more
Vale Jill Richards
Jill Richards, wife of PDG Bob Richards, passed away just after midday on Thursday 3 June.
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Jill’s Rotary passion was really ignited in 2013 when she and 4 other women from our District visited District 3100 in Moradabad, India to take part in a National Immunisation Day.  This activity took the group well off the tourist path as they visited the city and the surrounding villages.   Jill took part in these visits annually until 2018, being the major organising force behind a combined group from our District and D9820.
Jill was also instrumental in a range of projects carried out in the Moradabad area by our District in conjunction with the Rotary Foundation.  These projects provided water, sanitation and health care to the inhabitants of the 60 slum villages in Moradabad and included buying a bus for the Rotary Club of Moradabad to provide more effective transport of the medical staff around these slum villages.  The projects also included a Rotary Foundation Global Grant for a 5-year program of mobile health camps provided in conjunction with the Sri Hospital in Moradabad which will take over the operation of the camps at the end of the 5 years of the grant.
During Jill’s visits several local schools were provided with much needed books, computers and even shoes for the children – these were all part of Jill’s “Plus” in Polio Plus.
I’m sure I speak for all Rotarians in our District when I offer Bob condolences and sympathy on his loss of his beloved Jill. 
Did You Buy Your PHF? (DG Editorial Comment)
Paul Harris Fellows | Rotary Club of FlintOne of the disturbing murmurs I occasionally hear around the Rotary traps is the contemptuous comment that some members “buy” their PHFs by making donations to the Rotary Foundation.
It’s worth remembering that a PHF was always a recognition of a donation to TRF.  It became a club recognition for exemplary service in the days when $US1,000 was such a great deal of money that very few people could ever afford to have a PHF.  Even clubs took some time to gather enough donations to the Foundation to award a PHF to a member. 
These days, although $US1,000 is still a great deal of money, it is well within the reach of many members.  In District 9810 we have 39 Rotarians who, as members of the Paul Harris Society, are pledged to donate that much every year. 
By trying to place a stigma on those who are awarded PHF recognition for a monetary input, Rotarians are strongly discouraging individual donations to what should be our charity of choice and is the financial engine-room of Rotary.   Let’s try to remember that the Rotary Foundation is the source of funding for End Polio Now and a myriad of other great humanitarian projects and that it could not operate effectively without the donations of individuals.
We shouldn’t be spending our time kicking “own goals” but, instead encouraging and celebrating those Rotarians who are so supportive of our Foundation and the work of Rotary around the world that they are prepared to make significant personal donations.
Rotaract Monash National Award
TextDescription automatically generatedIn the recently announced 2021 Rotaract Australia Awards, our own Monash Rotaract and Rotaract District 9810 were awarded the Most Outstanding Professional Development Event for their online mentoring program.
This is a prestigious national award and a fitting recognition of the great work our Rotaract clubs have done throughout this year of COVID.  Congratulations and well done to all those involved. 
ARH Acknowledges D9810 Supporter
A person and person standing next to each other holding a plaqueDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceSaw this item in the most recent issue of Australian Rotary Health News.  Congratulations to Gonny and great to see Glenn in his role of District ARH Chair.  Well done to both.
Last week, ARH District 9810 Chair Glenn Tippett presented Gonny Rundell from the Rotary Club of Boronia with an Australian Rotary Health Companion Award for her long term commitment to and support of ARH.  We're so thankful for people like Gonny who continue to support our cause.
To see this Newsletter and other recent issues go to https://australianrotaryhealth.org.au/about-us/resources/e-newsletters/
Membership Inspiration - Membership Voice
In the last edition of “Open Doors” I drew attention to a new Rotary group set up in Australia called Membership Voice.  Well this group has taken off like a rocket with a range of membership topics being presented online in the next 6 weeks or so.
The first is “Satellites to Success: The Rotary Southbank Model”.  This club has increased its membership significantly by establishing two satellite clubs, each with a different membership demographic and service outlook.  Find out how they did it on Wednesday 16 June at 7.00pm.  Register here.
Other webinars scheduled or planned are;
To register with Membership Voice and be part of what promises to be a dynamic group with plenty to offer, contact Kero O’Shea at membershipvoice@gmail.com
Membership In D9810 – Action Required Now
A picture containing text, clipartDescription automatically generatedIt is of vital importance that all clubs that have prospective members waiting to be inducted finalise the arrangements before the end of the month if at all possible.  If you are willing and able to do this, no need to read further.  If you need to know why, please read on.
It seems we have lived through a whole year of disruption with community lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings having a significant impact on Rotary Clubs especially in our District.
Despite these difficulties, Rotary clubs in D9810 have done a much better job of holding their member numbers than could possibly have been expected and I congratulate all clubs on the actions and activities they have undertaken to make this so.
Unfortunately, the rules about District size will be adhered to whatever the COVID status may be and D9810 is facing a directive from RI to increase numbers or be forced into re-districting through merger with a neighbour.  This will happen if our District membership is less than 1,100 on the first of July.
We may wonder whether this really makes a difference – after all, we are all Rotarians and the District to which we belong cannot really have much impact.
The main reason for trying as hard as we can to avoid this situation is that our Zone is pushing to be a pilot for any possible “regionalisation” project.  This means that every District in Australia will be impacted in about 4 to 5 years’ time as a completely new structure in introduced.
If we are forced to re-district within 2 to 3 years and then are swept into the Regionalisation restructure we will find ourselves in a constant state of upheaval for 5 or 6 years when significant District resources will need to be directed towards the required administrative details rather than towards supporting the clubs in our fantastic District.  Avoiding re-Districting will enable us to move into the Regionalisation process as strong and active group of Rotary Clubs rather than as a merged District still in the process of integrating different approaches, philosophies and structures.  Let’s do all we can to avoid a prolonged period of re-structuring by keeping our numbers high.
Polio Plus Donations – Action Required Now
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A big thank you to all who donated to Polio Plus as they registered for our Multi-District Conference.  The total raised on that occasion was $1,380.00
The D9810 Foundation Committee recently decided to donate a further $8,600 of District Designated Funds (DDF) on top of the donation earlier in the year of $10,000.  This recent decision was very timely as an anonymous donor has offered to match all DDF donations by fifty cents in the dollar for the rest of June which means the impact of our $8,600 became $12,900. 
Another big thank you to all clubs who have made donations to Polio Plus this year.  Any club holding money which has been raised for Polio or voted to be donated to Polio should act now to transfer it to the Foundation account.
Rotarians world-wide have until 30 June to make it to the $50 million total which will qualify us for the Gates Foundation two for one donation.  Let’s do all we can to help because who would want to say goodbye to $100 million?
To make your donation, please follow the directions below:
For CLUB and DISTRICT donations:
St George Bank
Account Name: The Rotary Foundation
Account Number: 100 345 225
BSB Number: 332 084
For INDIVIDUAL and BUSINESS donations:
St George Bank
Account Name: The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust
Account Number: 551 038 195
BSB Number: 332 084
ALWAYS advise RISPPO@rotary.org of the transaction BEFORE or ON THE DAY of the EFT. In the email to RISPPO include the Bank Reference used.
Rotary Citation – Action Required Now!
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All club presidents are reminded to update their club’s goals and achievements in Rotary Club Central.  This is the only way to achieve the Rotary Citation for 2020/2021.
RI Database Update – Action Required Now!
A picture containing logoDescription automatically generated
Now is the time for incoming Club Presidents or Secretaries to update the District ClubRunner website to ensure that:
  • Incoming club officers have been properly listed
  • Club member information is up to date – including new members inducted this month
Both these are vital to ensure that our District membership numbers are accurate and that your club receives the correct RI invoice for membership dues.
Prime Minister Congratulates Rotary on Centenary in Australia
To watch the PM’s message of congratulations on the Centenary of Rotary, click on the picture.
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Exciting Polio News
LogoDescription automatically generatedA recent email newsletter from Zone 8 End Polio Now Coordinator, PDG Bob Aitken, tells us that senior leaders with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative have agreed that our world should see the last case of wild polio virus by the end of 2023.
Then, with the completion of the required three year polio free period, during which vaccination must continue, our world should be declared ‘polio free’ by the end of 2026!
RI Past Vice President Mike McGovern, Chair of Rotary International’s PolioPlus Committee, has said that he had never been more optimistic about the ultimate success of our 45 years plus campaign.
He commented that for the first time, recent sampling along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border (60 sites) has found no trace of the wild polio virus and it has been 14 weeks since the last case of the wild polio virus was reported – and only two cases this year.
Chair Mike said his optimism was still tinged with caution, given we were close to zero cases a couple of years ago, but emphasised that ‘all the signs are encouraging’.
Great News on RYLA
LogoDescription automatically generatedI am excited to announce that D9810 and D9820 together will be delivering a 6 day RYLA Conference taking place from Monday 17th January to Saturday 22nd January 2022 inclusive, at Rawson Village, Rawson, Victoria, just north of Moe.
Sponsorship will be $1049.00 per participant, with an early bird price of $949.00 if sponsorship is paid by 30th October 2021.
RYLA gives the opportunity for attendees to attend a leadership program that many of them could not afford without sponsorship.  Only candidates selected through Rotary clubs will be accepted into the program.  Clubs interested in participation should start looking for candidates and factoring the cost into their budgets.
For more information contact Trish Carr (RC Box Hill Burwood).
Rotary Give Every Child a Future
Two people holding a baby in a cribDescription automatically generated with low confidence
Rotary D9810 raises funds for RGECAF through the tireless work of Rtn Ron Brooks (RC Forest Hill) in collecting foreign coins and notes.  Bearing in mind how long it has been since we were able to travel overseas, his efforts are still reaping high rewards.  For news of the progress of this significant R100 project, click on the picture.
Youth In Rotary – Presented by RC Box Hill Central
Rotarians are invited to join Box Hill Central Rotary Club on Wednesday 23rd of June at 7:30am (AEST) for a free, in-depth panel on Youth in Rotary
Our speakers, profiled below, are all young Rotary speakers, leaders and influencers.
Click the link here to register for this free event.
A person with blonde hairDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
Brittany Arthur was MC at the 2018 RI Convention in Toronto.  She is a member of RC Berlin International, past Foundation Scholar, and past Vice-Chair of the RI Joint Committee for Young Leaders and Alumni Engagement.
A person smiling for the pictureDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
Connor Young is a member of Rotary One
(Chicago) and was its youngest ever president.  He is District Governor Nominee Designate in D 6450.  He is a passionate Rotarian who loves spreading Rotary news around the world.
A person holding a microphoneDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
Ethan Butler is the Charter President of RC Burnie West in Tasmania.  The club has continued to grow and has a philosophy of creating events and projects for business, family and community can come together and benefit.
Two Events to Support Youth Wellbeing Project
Yarra Ranges Cardinia A cluster presents two great musical events to raise funds for their landmark Youth Wellbeing project.  Please go along to one or both of these;
Andrew Shepherd & Band present Campfire Melodies - A Lifetime of Acoustic Pop/Rock Classics including the music of Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Foo Fighters, Robbie Williams, Leonard Cohen, Melissa Etheridge, Simon & Garfunkel.  Sing along to classics from the soundtrack of your life featuring fantastic arrangements, soaring harmonies and irresistible grooves in a thoroughly entertaining night of iconic acoustic hits!  Meals and bar open from 7.00pm.  Show at 8.30pm. Info & tix online at https://www.trybooking.com/BRUDV or 0418 131 489.
The Cream Of British Rock Classics - one of the ultimate Rock Guitar stories in a massive night of solid gold, heritage-listed classics spanning the formative years of 60’s & 70’s British rock and the super-bands who made history! Featuring music by Eric Clapton, Cream, Derek & The Dominos, Bad Company, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Jimi Hendrix Experience Get back to the roots of Rock and groove to the soundtrack of a generation featuring a high energy seven piece band with driving guitars and soaring vocals. Meals and bar open from 7.00pm.
Show at 8.30pm. Info & tix online at https://www.trybooking.com/BRUEX or 0418 131 489
Honouring Rotarians
Graphical user interfaceDescription automatically generated with low confidenceHow do people get nominated for the Order of Australia?
How can we recognize those people who've given so much of their life to serve others?
Join us to find out more and how to nominate worthy Rotarians for Australian Honours!  Online on Saturday 19 June at 2.00pm.
Disaster Aid Australia
Disaster Aid Australia has an office not far from D9810 and would welcome clubs to visit during club meeting times.  This is a great Vocational Avenue of Service activity for any club.
Members can find out what it takes to run an international aid charity and see a demonstration of the SkyHydrant treating dirty water, and transforming it to clean safe drinking water.  DAA will also discuss the aid they have continued to deliver through the pandemic.
A meal can be included as part of your visit at a cost of $20 per person, with various menu options available.
The office is located just off the South Gippsland Freeway at the Princes Highway (Hallam) exit.
For more information contact us at admin@disasteraidaustralia.org.au
A picture containing green, container, bin, barrelDescription automatically generated
To provide clean water in times of emergency, which of these options makes more sense?  If you said the one on the left then it would also make sense to schedule a visit Disaster Aid Australia.
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RAGAS Newsletter
A picture containing logoDescription automatically generatedMore than 40 million people across the world are enslaved.  Find out more of what Rotary is doing to alleviate this suffering by checking the website, reading the latest Newsletter or contacting District 9810 RAGAS Chair, Tony Stokes of RC Box Hill Central.
Lockdown in Perspective
Hate the lockdown?  Have difficulty with not being able to get out and see people?  Upset at events being cancelled or postponed?  I was sent this video link recently.  It’s a real eye-opener and puts our issues over COVID into perspective.  See what you think.  
SisterWorks Banner Project
SisterWorksSisterWorks is a non-profit social enterprise supportingKathmandu tote bag women who are migrants, asylum seekers or refugees to become economically empowered and happily settled in Australia.  One of their current projects is converting old, fabric banners into shopping bags, handbags and totes.  Any club which has outdated fabric banners (not the stiff “pop-up” types and not heavy duty canvas or plastic) can donate them to SisterWorks. For more information click on the pic or contact  ifrin@sisterworks.org.au or see sisterworks.org.au
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Bookings are now open for the District Changeover Night, so book early to avoid disappointment.

          Further details regarding the cost and location details are on the                       

  Trybooking site, or can be found in the invitation sent to all Rotarian by the District Secretary or click the link below

Rotarians wishing to collect a Bowelscan Kit from a Pharmacy can see the list of participating Pharmacies on the District 9810 Website by clicking here
Rotary Club of Mordialloc - Save the Date
Dear Rotarians,
We would like you to join with us to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Mordialloc at a dinner on Saturday 13th November 2021 at the Woodlands Golf Club.
On this special evening,   the Club will be honouring Jack Cooper who is a charter member from 1971 and still a serving Rotarian.
A great night of entertainment is being planned, so please indicate by return if you would like to join us on the night to celebrate this very special event.
Please send us your postal address so a formal invitation can be sent to you closer to the time.
Save the Date:     Saturday 13th November 2021.
Name ………………………………………………………..   Partner ……………………………………..
Contact Number ……………………………………       Email ………………………………………..
Postal address …………………………………………………………………………………………………
We are pleased to advise that several key positions are available within RAM. We wish to invite all Rotarians who may be suitable candidates to email us with an ‘Expressions of Interest’ for the positions below. Orientation and mentoring are available for all positions.
Vacant now:
  1. Grant Writers / Project Managers / Malaria Experts for the RAM Grant Writing Team
Vacant on 1st July 2021:
  1. National Secretary for RAM
We would expect the incoming nominee to take the opportunity to be mentored by the existing incumbent, Gloria Hargreaves.
National Secretary Gloria Hargreaves (egharg@netspace.net.au) for the Role Description and Nomination Form. 
Thank you.
National Secretary Gloria Hargreaves
RDU Advertising Commission - Boost club funds by up to $7,000
Rotary Down Under is offering a 25% commission incentive to clubs and districts that secure advertising in the magazine.  See information above and, for more, contact Judy Drake at RDU on 02 9633 4888
And to finish off....
Hi to all.
Just letting you all know that this will be the final edition of "Open Doors". It has been my pleasure sending out "Open Doors" every fortnight and I hope that you all enjoyed the reading.
If you would like to see previous versions of "Open Doors" click here.
In 2021/22 the District Governors Newsletter will be back to a monthly edition.
"Highlights" will continue during 2021/2022 and will be sent out on the third Monday of every month with the first edition of the year being on the 19th July. So please start sending me all your events you have planned in 2021/2022.
In the meantime you can view all the current events here
All the best
Michael Ellinger 
Rotary Club of Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale
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