11th Edition                                                                      23 November 2020 
Welcome to the 11th edition of “Open Doors”, your most accessible source of Rotary inspiration.
It’s still November and that means it’s still Foundation Month.  It’s not too late to commit to becoming a Centurion and pledging to donate $100 per year to the Rotary Foundation.  If you’re feeling more generous than that, there are other ways to give that might suit you better.  Contact Greg King (Manningham) or PDG John Barnes (Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale) for more assistance.  I have included some information about End Polio Now in the articles below, please have a quick look to make sure your club’s donation has been properly accredited.
With the COVID restrictions really starting to ease in Victoria, the situation in South Australia reminds us that we cannot afford to become complacent.  Many people are feeling the effects of the lockdown and our experience of COVID-19.  Increased anxiety, increased alcohol consumption and other health impacts may be affecting those around us.  To learn more, be sure to sign up to the D9810 Mental Health Seminar (see below).
Several clubs have provided inspirational examples in the last fortnight.  See;
  • Manningham’s success with a Peace Scholar awardee
  • Hampton’s Men’s Pack project
  • Maroondah and Glen Waverley hold fantastic fundraisers
  • Mount Waverley’s clean-up campaign
  • Whitehorse cluster’s multi-club special clean-up effort   
For a bit of fun, find out if you are smarter than a chimpanzee.  The outcome might be a surprise.  Check the video link for a fun learning experience.  And if you discover the chimps are smarter, it’ll even tell you how to fix the problem.
Enjoy the read.  Enjoy the inspiration.  See you next fortnight.
Mental Health Seminar November 27 at 7.30 am
The D9810 dynamic team of PDG Malcolm Chiverton and DGN Ken Miller have gathered together four highly qualified speakers to talk on the topic “Mental Health and You - COVID-19 Recovery”. Our speaker topics cover many of the real life problems that we face as we approach "COVID-19 Normal". 
Pres Madalyn Parlet will facilitate a team of four dynamic and interesting speakers who will address the topic.  They are;
  • Gerard Mansour, commissioner for Senior Victorians and Ambassador for Senior Abuse Protection
  • David Burt, founder of Sport and Life Education (SALT)
  • Sameera Abdeen, Community Inclusion Project Manager at Yarra Valley Water
  • Rob Glas, a counsellor working extensively in local corporate settings.
Of course “you” doesn’t necessarily mean you, it could mean your family members, friends colleagues or neighbours – anyone with whom you come into contact 
To see the event flyer with more information about the event and the speakers, please go to  https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50071/Documents/en-au/e73627b7-b736-4d52-8904-7570cfdf242b/1/  or see the flyer (much) lower down in this newsletter.
To register go to:
End Polio Now – Club Donations to the DG’s Partner’s Project
At this stage eight out of the 10 clubs that committed to the District Matching End Polio Now Project have made their contribution.  As a reminder, this is where a Club contributes $1000USD to the End Polio Now Fund. Then District 9810 matches the $1000USD followed by an equal match by the World Fund.  Then the total amount is then matched 2:1 by the Gates Foundation.  That means a Club’s $1000USD leverages to become a total of $9000USD.
The End Polio Now campaign is the “District Governor’s Partner’s Project” for this Rotary Year.  Following the DG’s visit to Clubs, most indicated that they will be making a contribution, as is normal practice in our District.  However, it appears that some of the Clubs that may have made a contribution didn’t designated the money to the End Polio Now campaign but, instead, deposited to the normal Foundation account.  For clubs that have not yet made their contribution in celebration of the Partner’s Project, please ensure the funds are designated into the End Polio Now account.
PDG Bob Aitken, RI End Polio Now Coordinator for Zone 8, reminds us that even though International Polio Day is behind us, it is still important to support the End Polio Now effort.  Please remember that the polio infrastructure Rotary helped build - including its tools, workforce and extensive surveillance networks - is being used to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by supporting preparedness and response activities in many countries. 
New Peace Fellow
Congratulations Fatima Shehata on being accepted as a Rotary Peace Fellow and to RC Manningham for nominating her.  Both the candidate and the club were notified of the success on 6th November.  Ms Shehata will receive a 2021 Rotary Peace Fellowship for studies as part of the Rotary Peace Centres program, to study at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill USA.  
More information about this exciting success story can be found on the RC Manningham website at https://www.rcm.org.au/post/rotary-manningham-s-first-peace-fellow?fbclid=IwAR3hli_RaGZLWkrCPE1GUZpBAzLDCyr1vwjUkFCua2vMZAFTAuJ1s7FsRBU
Men’s Care Packs by Rotary Club of Hampton
Hampton Rotary has purchased goods for, and packed, 62 packs containing a range of basic toiletry items as well as some special treats.  The packs will be distributed to needy men by local community organisation BayCISS.  Club members worked in conjunction with local businesses who provided some support for the purchase of the included items. 
Fundraising and Public Image go Hand-in-Hand
For many years RC Maroondah has sold raffle tickets and Rotary Christmas fare (puddings and cakes) at Eastland shopping centre.  This year, for the first time, the centre offered the club a shop site in the centre instead of the usual spot on an entry deck outside.  The shop is in a prominent position and the club members have been working to make it look great for the opening on Monday 23 November.
In another revolutionary move, the club has also moved ticket sales online through the raffletix platform.  To buy tickets or check out the site (go on, buy tickets while you’re there!) see https://www.raffletix.com.au/?ref=ar85e.  
Rotary Club of Glen Waverley is also running a big raffle leading up to Christmas.  Not quite fortunate enough to have a whole shop for promo purposes, they have still managed a fantastic display which leaves no doubt as to who they are. 
Good luck to both clubs in their fundraising efforts.
Easy Environment
Clubs wanting to get started on their practical support of the local environment but with few funds to invest are rolling up their sleeves and working at clean up campaigns.
Rotary Club of Box Hill Central, Rotary New Gen and Whitehorse Rotaract will be holding a clean up day on Saturday 28 November from 10.00am to 3.00pm along the cycle path from Nunawading station to Blackburn library.  To volunteer for this great initiative contact   Rick  on 0420 433 727 or ricksoydal@gmail.com  and mention your preferred shift.
Rotary Club of Mount Waverley held a pilot clean up project around Hamilton Place, the local shopping centre.   Sixteen Rotarians collected more than 30kg of waste.  The first official “Mount Waverley Rotary Love Our Street Clean-up” will be held on Sunday 13 December to coincide with the reopening of the club’s market.  
Your Garden – Our Future
Pollination is vital for our global food security.  Learn how to create your garden, balcony or rural field into an oasis for pollinators.  Expert presenters on this important topic will be Costa Georgiadis (ABC Gardening Australia presenter) and Fiona Chambers (CEO Wheen Bee Foundation). 
To be held on Thursday 26 November from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, this is a free event.  Your valued optional donation supports Rotarians For BEES' contribution to the NGIV's Victorian Schools Garden Program.
Membership Inspirations
If your preferred method of learning is watching videos and you have a passion for increasing your club’s membership, this issue’s membership inspiration is a real treat!  Head off to https://vimeo.com/channels/rotarymembership/videos to check Rotary’s library of membership videos including items on;
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Connecting with Prospective Members in Your Community
  • Engage Young Families
  • Ask the Membership Experts
  • Using Virtual Tools to Engage Members
… and many more.   Enjoy the feast!   
Presidents Elect Look Forward to Online Multi District PETS
PETS for this year will be an exciting event in a whole new format.  The on-line event will see PEs from four Districts (3 in Vic and the Tas District) gain a better understanding of their role through two sessions one on Saturday 13 and one on Sunday 14 February. 
Keynote speakers for the event are Michael McQueen futurologist, author and renown public speaker (and quoted more than once in this publication!) and Annette Kimmitt, CEO of international law firm, Minter Ellison and highly experienced in strategic leadership and change management.
If your club has not yet selected its President for the coming year, please don’t leave it so late that they miss out on this fabulous experience.
For more information see DGE Daryl’s own website at https://dg9810for2021-22.org/mdpets-2/
Council on Resolutions (CoR) and Council on Legislation (CoL)
D9810 CoR and CoL representative, PDG Tony Monley, has reported on the outcomes of the Council on Resolutions.  To see the resolutions, Tony’s recommendations, the input of D99810 clubs, the D9810 Board recommendations and the final outcome of the votes, go to https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50071/Documents/en-au/8ba4ad09-6c94-40e4-9d3c-d411781fad3b/1/
Tony also reminds that clubs wishing to put forward an item of draft legislation for the Council on Legislation, should contact him immediately so that drafting and submission requirements can be met before the closing date late in December.
The District thanks Tony for the diligence with which he has approached a significant task.
Are you smarter than a chimp? 
Came across this fabulous video through the newsletter of RC Nunawading.  Entertaining, fascinating and surprising.  In 20 minutes’, time you may discover that the chimps are smarter than you but also how to fix the problem.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm5xF-UYgdg 
Southern Regional 2021 PLAN: “END MALARIA IN VANUATU – for GOOD” PROGRAM
On behalf of Rotarians Against Malaria I would like to send a huge thank you to clubs and individuals who  so generously contributed funds to the Vanuatu Global Grant application for the "End Malaria in Vanuatu - for Good Program" that was submitted in June 2020.
Vanuatu is facing enormous challenges in its malaria elimination program and there is still much to be done.  Vanuatu is still recovering from Cyclone Harold that struck the islands in June 2020. Contributions are sought to assist rebuild the health clinics that were destroyed .
Rotarians Against Malaria are proud to be associated with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.  The Rotary Club of Doncaster is hosting  WEHI scientist    Professor Ivo Mueller speaking on the latest research in Malaria :  Eliminating P.vivax from Asia-Pacific .  The challenges, opportunities and new approaches.  Please join us Wednesday 25 November at 7 PM by following this link
To read more click here
Shelley Gurney   🌏
Rotarians Against Malaria Supervisor
Rotary District 9810
International Chair
Rotary Doncaster Vic
Art Auction - RC of Beaumaris


We’re offering you the opportunity to own your very own triptych by Joy Helen Lea.  And many more paintings too!

A triptych?  Traditionally a triptych refers to art that is made up of three panels.  However, contemporary triptychs are often framed together, or simply displayed alongside one another as a set of three pictures. The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin painted in 1904 is probably the most well-known Australian triptych. 

Renowned local artist Joy Lea has generously donated 10 of her original artworks to assist in the fundraising efforts of Beaumaris Rotary Club. 

For more details and to read more click here
Supporting the Environment
Click Here for more details
12 Days of Christmas - Card of Impact
Give the Gift of Impact this Christmas and help change lives. By giving a 12 Day of Christmas - Card of Impact, you and the card recipient will create lasting impact by helping to transform lives and communities by promoting peace, fighting disease, saving mothers and children, supporting education, growing local communities, supporting the environment and providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene.
All profits from the sale of these cards will be donated to the Rotary Foundation.
Improve your Mental Health
Did you know that listening to music can improve your mental health?

We encourage you to find a song that really makes you happy, whether that be an old or new song and take a few moments for yourself and enjoy! 😁🌻

Knox Rotaract Tutoring Project Continues
Hello everyone!

As you all may know, Knox Rotaract have been providing free, online small group tutoring for high school students over the last few months, to support students through this challenging time of virtual learning. Many students have felt the strain of this learning and having to quickly adapt to a large change, and we hope to help them in any way we can. We've had a small group of students who have regularly attended our tutoring classes, coming back week after week to get some extra help.
We're happy to announce that we will be continuing this tutoring for the rest of the year, over the course of term 4 as well.

I'm hoping that you all can pass on this message to whoever you see appropriate; whether it be any school contacts you may have, your own Rotary or Rotaract club and any personal relationships that you believe could benefit from this service. The more students we can help get through these times and lower any stress and anxiety levels they have, the better!

I've attached a small poster that you may also use to spread the word, with a link to our website where students can book in www.knoxrotaract.wixsite.com/freetutoring. Also attached is a pdf document about this initiative if you'd like to pass that on to anyone, and a sample letter that can be sent to schools. 

Thank you in advance for helping support our project!
Guest Speaker: Brooke Hanson OAM OLY
Guest Speaker: Brooke Hanson OAM OLY
Tuesday 1 December 6pm
The delightful Brooke Hanson OAM OLY will share her insights and inspirational journey and you're welcome to join us - for free! 
Our special guest speaker at Rotary Croydon & Montrose on December 1st, will be Brooke Hanson OAM OLY who is an Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist, and remains one of Australia's most recognised Olympian. She made her debut for the Australian Swimming Team in 1994 before going on to represent Australia over 25 times at major international championships.
Brooke will talk about her Olympic journey and life beyond Olympic glory, resilience, adversity, success, balance, motivation, happiness and well-being. She shares how to embrace what’s important through passion, purpose, love, leadership and finding internal strength to persevere in the face of your biggest challenges.
Trash 2 Treasure Market
Christmas Fruit Mince Pies
$16 per dozen!
$3 per dozen donated to “End Polio Now” in your Club name
Mince Pies donated by Bread Street
Email orders by 30 November to: david_winter1954@hotmail.com
Please make payment by Direct Deposit into MASH account:
Account Name: Rotary Club of MASH  BSB: 633 000  A/c No: 123530552
Christmas Cakes and Puddings
To place a order click here
Christmas Raffle - RC of Glen Waverley
To buy tickets click here
NEWGEN-ER'S Rockin' Photobook
NewGen's VP Kiel Egging has released his first photobook and is raising money for music industry workers hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.
The book features pictures of more than 50 of his favourite acts and bands which he's taken at gigs and festivals over the years. Everyone is in there from Silverchair to Slayer, John Farnham to the Foo Fighters, and AC/DC to Aqua.
Kiel's donating $5 from the sale of every book to Support Act, which provides mental health support and services for struggling Australian musicians.
You can grab one for $20 at  http://snappedbykeggs.square.site - and if you use the code 'FREESHIP' at checkout, he'll send it to you for free!
RDU Advertising Commission - Boost club funds by up to $7,000
Rotary Down Under is offering a 25% commission incentive to clubs and districts that secure advertising in the magazine.  See information above and, for more, contact Judy Drake at RDU on 02 9633 4888
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