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August 2019   
August is Membership Month at Rotary, and it was fantastic to see so many people at both the Membership seminar and the Marketing/Social Media seminar.  These two seminars provided great ideas on how we can promote Rotary and get people interested in what we do and change any perceived perceptions they may have about Rotary, so that they would be more open to the idea of joining us. 
People’s perceptions of what/who Rotarians are will not change unless we tell them, which is why it is so important we Promote, Promote, Promote and tell our stories at every opportunity we have.
District Seminars
The District Seminars are a great way of finding out what is happening in the rest of District, talk to others to find out what they are doing and what works/does not work for them.  We belong to an organisation with a wheel for our symbol, let’s not reinvent it every time we want to try something new. 
We are in the unique position as a Rotary District of being able to regularly have face-to-face gatherings where information is readily exchanged and new ideas discussed.  These seminars help to ensure clubs remain relevant and vibrant for their members, and their communities.
District Highlights Newsletter
This District Highlights Newsletter sees so many clubs hosting so many events in the coming months, supporting numerous causes, in which they have been able to partner with multiple groups to enable a much bigger event to occur. 
Rotary Connects the World is all about working with others to do bigger and better things, and having sponsors for our projects allows that to happen.
I am looking forward to attending as many of these events as possible.
Have a sensationally FUN year everyone.
Shia Smart
Governor 2019-20
           important items this month....
Beware Copyright Laws
.... This also applies to written work, music, videos, software and other intellectual property.
                 Click here for the Google Copyright information, and here for the Australian Copyright laws.
Updating Your Club Rules and Bylaws
After each Council on Legislation, Clubs are required to update their Club Rules and Bylaws  to comply with approved amendments to Rotary's constitutional documents. 
  • Constitution of Rotary International
  • Bylaws of Rotary International
  • Standard Rotary Club Constitution 
The last Council in April 2019 approved a number of amendments, - a shortlist of some of the key changes are summarised here  
To make it easy for Clubs to ensure that their Club Rules and Bylaws are up to date, McKean Park Lawyers offers an update service for $450. If you would like to engage the Services of McKean Park, please refer to their Instructions. Alternatively, Rotary Hampton will again be offering an update service for $250 with part of the proceeds contributed to The Rotary Foundation.
Should your Club wish to receive a presentation on the changes to legislation arising from the 2019 Council on Legislation, please contact PDG David Alexander.
David Alexander
D9810 Council on Legislation Delegate 2019
2019 D9810 Vocational Service Seminar
 Friday 23rd August 2019 
The venue is the Canterbury International Hotel, 326 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill (corner Springvale Road).
Rotarians will gather at 7pm for a cuppa (on the house) or a drink from the bar (at your expense).
We’ll commence the Seminar at 7.30pm and it’ll be well over by 9pm.
If you will be attending please advise Greg King (Vocational Services Chair) as soon as possible
2019 D9810 International Service Seminar
 Friday 6th September 2019 
 Food served 6.30 for 6.45pm start – until 8.15 pm
Melbourne Baseball Club - Surrey Park, Surrey Dr, Box Hill 
The Most Good You Can Do
for your Rotary $
And so the question that remains for me,
. . . is how can I challenge myself to do more good in this world?
  • Learn from Rotarians how they have made their International Service $ work more effectively  [Rotary Australia World Community Service; - Foundation Grants; - Friendship Grants]
  • Planning My Project – Where do I start?
  • What is your role as your Club’s International Service Chair?
  • District Help Line – District Resource Network – experienced Rotarian support
  • Rotary Round Table (Have your questions answered – INTERPLAST, Rotarians Against Malaria; Donations in Kind, Wheelchairs for Kids, Rotarians Against Slavery, Operation Cleft and Operation Toilets).
Clubs to register their attendance with their Assistant Governor by 2nd September for catering purposes. Sandwiches, savouries and snacks, tea and coffee - so you can come straight from work.
Rotary D9810 2020 Conference Registrations are now OPEN
 Saturday 21st to 22nd March 2020
For more information click here
coming up this month...
Rotary Club of Nunawading
 Saturday 17th August 2019 
For more information click here
RAWCS  Information Day
 Sunday 18th August 2019 
Where: Cilioms - Tullamarine 9 am to 4 pm    
Who: ALL  Rotarians 
          ALL District and Club Chairs
          ALL Clubs who want to showcase their RAWCS projects - set up 8 am on the day
RAWCS -  the future direction, projects, opportunities, communication plan for regions/ districts/ clubs
Bookings required by mid July for catering purposes.[m/tea lunch a/tea]    
Cost $10 on the day
Contact Regional RAWCS Secretary Virginia Turner  0414 245 815
For more information click here
2019 RAM Conference
 Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th August 2019  
For more information click here
Rotary Club of Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale
 Monday 26th August 2019  
For more information click here
Rotary Club of Box Hill Central
Friday 30th August 2019  
For more information click here
Rotaract Club of Whitehorse
Saturday 31st August 2019  
For more information click here
                                                            the weeks ahead...
Rotaract Club of Yarra Ranges
 Friday 6th September 2019  
For more information click here
Rotary Club of Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale
 Thursday 12th September 2019  
For more information click here
Presidential Dinner
 Tuesday 24th September 2019  
For more information click here
Rotary Club of Box Hill Central
 Wednesday 25th September 2019  
For more information click here
                                                                  save the date...
NewGen Rotary
Saturday 3rd October 2019 
For more information click here
Rotary Club of Mount Waverley
Saturday 5th October 2019  
For more information click here
Challenge to Lead Program
 Thursday 10th to 12th October 2019  
How many sausage sizzles do you need to earn $500?
The Rotary Club of Doncaster is seeking referrals from District Clubs for participants in their Challenge to Lead Program. With each successful referral, the RC of Doncaster will pay the referring club $500. That's a lot of sausage sizzles!
Throughout the District there is a pool of contacts and potential participants in management and professional positions who would either benefit themselves or recommend others who would benefit from the Program. It's an easy fund raiser for a Club.
There is a high demand for good leadership. It is a must-have capability for any individual or organisation wanting to get ahead in the world and achieve and earn more.Leadership can be taught, learnt and developed and this course will help in this regard.
What is it?
The Challenge to Lead Program is a 3-day residential leadership program run by the Rotary Club of Doncaster on 10th, 11th and 12th October, 2019.
The Program is delivered pro bono by dedicated professional facilitators including the former Director of HR for HP and Telstra, a Senior Fellow Melbourne Business School, an advisor to Mt Eliza MBA program and a Principal Fellow of the Melbourne University Business School.
Since 2014, Challenge to Lead participants have come from a wide range of organisations including local government, multinational companies, not for profits (NFPs), statutory authorities and small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) and the program received many ringing endorsements.
For endorsements see this link -
For more details see website -
If you have any queries, please contact David Grieve on 0488 480402 or
For more information click here
                                                                    please note...
D9810 Cycling Fellowship Weekly Sunday Rides
Why don’t you join us on a Sunday at 8am for a 2 hr /35km bike ride riding the safe bike tracks around Melbourne plus coffee and cake at the end.  
We have been riding every Sunday for the past 15 yrs since the then DG, Denis Hyland, suggested we form a group to help improve Rotarians health.  A few times a year we end up having brunch with our partners at the end of the ride. We have a few weekend rides each year and this year, six of us did a 1,300km ride together in Spain.
To hear more, please contact Ron Brooks 0413 042 043 
Rotary Club of Monash
The Rotary Club of Monash is holding a Winter Wine Drive via in our in-house Merchant. A divine selection on offer at affordable prices. You may access the order form via this link.
Rotary District 9810 – Books for Kids
For more information click here
For more information click here
Adopt a Bed Program
click here for more information 
ROMAC Presentation
This is a special note to all D9810 clubs if they would like to have a guest speaker from ROMAC give a PowerPoint presentation. 
Please Contact Gavan McIntyre on 0409343947
More and more of us are heading overseas and we always seem to return with useless foreign coins that end up in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.
Ron Brooks, RC of Forest Hill, coordinates their collection in this successful D9810 project.   In the last 3 years, 300kgs of coins and notes sent to UNICEF were valued by them at over $10,000.   Put out a labelled 200gm coffee jar at your weekly club meeting which will hold over 2.2kg of coins.
UNICEF Partnerships Manager emailed "We see Rotary and UNICEF as a perfect match, a dream fit".   UNICEF works in over 190 countries for the rights and welfare of all children.   It supports children's health needs, clean water and sanitation, quality basic education, and protection from violence, exploitation, and HIV.  
  • $2 feeds a malnourished child for day
  • 50 cents provides a dose of life-saving measles vaccine
So, get out that coffee jar and let's recycle this "scrap metal" into something valuable for kids. And while you are at it, let's give UNICEF any leftover paper money.

Contact: Ron Brooks at  or 0413-042-043
Rotary Club of Noble Park - Fund Raising Initiative
There are 2 Cool Rooms available from my place at 3 Nambrok Close Dingley Village for pick up and delivery back and all types of trailer lights electrical towing connections available. 50mm standard towing Ball required. Empty weight is 400KG with 650/750KG max weight allowable (fits within Vic Roads rules). Hire agreement detail available.
Very Simple to operate. Will enhance Club BBQ fundraising efforts, or Club parties or support for other Rotary involved functions.
Thank you
Keith Maxwell, Past President 2015/2016 the Rotary Club of Noble Park 
M 0418 647 064 
H 61 3 9551 7711
Rotary on the Radio in District 9810
Broadcast from studios at Box Hill Town Hall, The Rotary & Community Service Radio Show has been running continuously for more than 10 years.
The Rotary Radio Show tells of inspirational and uplifting stories. How one, a few, or many, can make a difference and understand the importance of being part of a team. Listen to those who have made a difference, those triumphing over adversity, and those creating new horizons. The stories are most usually told through on-air interviews with a range of special guests.
The show features superb 70's, 80's and great new music with a focus on Aussie Rock music. The Radio show goes live on free to air radio every Friday night from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Eastern Australian Time, from the studios of 94.1FM 3WBC, or you can stream on the web from the 3WBC website and podcasts can be found at and iTunes podcasts - search for "doing good in Victoria".
Regular Broadcasters are David Proud and Ian Salek both of whom are D9800 Rotarians. D9810 Rotarians interest in becoming involved in community radio through 94.1FM can contact David on 0414 665 524.
“Rotary in Action” (RiA) can be heard on north-eastern community radio station 96.5 InnerFM and goes to air live every Tuesday afternoon between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock.
RiA has been broadcast every week of the year since July 4, 1995, and has amassed over 1250 programs. The “Rotary in Action” broadcast team claims their program is “the world’s longest running weekly hour-long radio program totally dedicated to Rotary news and information!” This statement has the approval of the Rotary International Media Department.
RiA is a truly multi-District endeavour with Rotarians from D9810, D9800 and D9790 continuing the long standing tradition, with the continuing support of 96.5 InnerFM. The presenters from our District are Brian Tyedin, Russell Gurney and Greg King.
“Rotary in Action” is a vibrant, magazine style format, aimed specifically at the general listening audience, with studio guests and Rotary community announcements, mixed in with some great music. Listeners enjoy the interaction between presenter and guest (effectively the program’s co-host) as they share the wonderful story of Rotary, via the FM radio band, on the internet and via social media and smartphone.
The website reference is and click on “listen live” or you can download the “TuneIn” app on your smartphone (just ensure you select the correct 96.5 InnerFM – we’re in Heidelberg). A Facebook page and a Twitter feed are planned to be in operation in the next few months.
Expressions of interest in becoming a guest on the show, or providing announcements to share with listeners, can be directed to Greg King on mobile 0416 045 157 or via email on
Using the platform of its Community Connections program on Wednesday at 12 noon, 99.1 Yarra Valley FM provides three Rotary clubs in the region an opportunity to discuss their projects, fundraisers and other items of interest.
Host, Alan Collier, is a Rotarian himself and is adept at ensuring the guest Rotarians cover all the aspects of each topic and show Rotary to its best advantage.
A range of D99810 Rotarians appear on the show from the Rotary Clubs of Lilydale, Healesville and Wandin.
Podcasts of the program can be found at the website
Rotarians talks about local clubs' current projects and those coming up in the near future. The show also gives clubs the opportunity to promote their fundraisers and promote the advantages of joining Rotary to potential members.
                                                       club administration...
Rotary Club of Monash updated meeting details - from August 2019
For full details click here
Hi to all.
Just a reminder that you can also keep up to date with current events on the District website. Click Here 
If you have any PHF's or any other special recognitions that you would like to share within the district, please forward them to me. 
Please remember that if your Rotary Club has any Events and Fundraising Activities planned from now or in the future, please forward the information to me at   
All the best
Michael Ellinger 
Rotary Club of Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale
Editor: Highlights of D9810