August 2023
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Hello again my fellow Rotarians.  Well, I'm off and running on my Club visits - from the 1st of August. Straight away, I want to say what a wonderful experience it has been. I have been made to feel so welcome at every Club I've visited. I want to give a big shout out to my team of Assistant Governors who are doing such a great job preparing for my visits. And to all the Club Presidents and their Boards who haven't had that much time given that our year has only just started.
Without exception, I have felt very welcome at the Clubs I have visited and have left every meeting buoyed by the enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by the members. We of course have some Clubs with less than an ideal number of members but that doesn't seem to be preventing those Clubs from making an impact. It's definitely a case of "all hands to the wheel" and the results are clear.
My calendar is rapidly filling up the huge range of events being organised by Clubs and I remind all members, especially those organising events to get them in "Highlights" by sending the information to Michael Ellinger who will also get them onto the District Events Calendar. On that subject, check out my story below on syncing the District Events calendar into your personal calendar on your PC and smartphone.
I am really pleased to report how well my partner Helen's project of support for End Polio Now is being received by Clubs. Already she has had many individual donations along with several Clubs. Please see the report in this Newsletter.
Ian Ballantine
Create Hope in the World
RC of Forest Hill visit RC of Wandin visit
Model United Nations 2023
This year's Model United Nations is happening this Saturday and an invitation is extended to all Rotarians and friends to attend.
This is, once again, being held as a joint event between Districts 9810 and 9820.
Teams of two students (years 10 - 12) from across Rotary Districts 9810 & 9820 represent a country, research that country's views, and debate just as they would at the United Nations.
My congratulations and appreciation goes out to all Clubs who have sponsored a team.
All details regarding time and venue can be found here.
End Polio District Incentive
An important update to the District's incentive scheme to Clubs regarding contributions to End Polio;
D9810 will again match the first 10 Club contributions to PolioPlus of US$1,000 with US$1,000 District Designated Funds (DDF). TRF will provide a 50% match to DDF.
A Club donation of USD$1,000 matched by our District with US1,000 DDF attracts a further USD$500 (50%) from The Rotary Foundation. 
So for the first 10 Clubs contributing to Polio, your initial contribution of USD$1,000 becomes USD $2,500, which receives the Gates Foundation 2:1 match of an additional USD$5,000, giving a total contribution of USD$7,500 to End Polio Now.
Regionalisation Update
The pilot is really gathering some momentum now.
As stated, the Pilot’s main goal is to find ways to more effectively and efficiently support you and your club to increase impact, grow membership, and adapt to changing volunteer needs and expectations.
For all updates and useful links, go to the dedicated website here.
News this month concerns the election of the Regional Council and the structure and operation of Community Groups.
RC Hampton Tonga Project
Rotary International Project – Screening the Hearing of Year 1 and 2 Primary School Students in Tonga
 On 17th January 2023, after a frustrating 3 years of planning and preparation which had been delayed by a pandemic and natural disaster, Rotary Club of Hampton (RCH) in partnership with the Rotary Club of Nuku’alofa (RCN) we were informed by The Rotary Foundation that our application for Global Grant for the project had been approved.
Rotary Borehole Project in Kenya
Establishing a Rotary Borehole Project in Meru County, Kenya East Africa
The Borehole will be Powered by Solar Energy and located at Kithima, Maili Saba. This site is equatorial but considered semi-arid.  However but the area is known for the availability of aquifers.  In Meru County, the Rotary Club of Meru recently oversaw the construction of a borehole in the vicinity (Pictured).
My Rotary has a new look
My Rotary has a new, more friendly look about it. Give it a try.
The link to My Rotary is here.
Don't have a My Rotary account? Click here for instructions on how to set it up.
Your account with MyRotary is different to any account you might have with your own Club or the District site.
For those not familiar with My Rotary, it is the on-line portal for members of Rotary to access various resources, tools, and information related to their membership and participation in Rotary activities.
Some of the common features you might find on a "My Rotary" portal include:
Rotary Alumni News
You are invited to attend the upcoming 2023 Engaging Rotary Alumni Zoom Workshop  on 31st August.
Learn how to effectively assist your Club to re-connect, build relationships and engage with Rotary's Alumni and the benefits for Rotary and Alumni.
Lookout for details on the Events Calendar or on the flyer...
Rotaract news
Rotaract news this month comes from the Presidents of our Rotaract Clubs of Whitehorse and Monash.
In this article, we hear from each club about their priorities and goals for the coming year.
DG partner Project update
DG Ian's partner project is supporting End Polio Now.
So far Helen has attracted a number of donations from many individuals from within and outside the Rotary family.
In addition, four clubs within the District have so far made donations. They are the Rotary Clubs of Box Hill Central, Cheltenham, Knox and Bentleigh Moorabbin Central.
A number of others have made a commitment, to be realised towards the end of the Rotary year.
If you would like to make a personal, tax deductible donation, please go here.
Your donation will be credited against you, as a Rotarian and your Club.
If you are representing a club, please make the contribution by the normal channels but flag it as DG Project and drop DG Ian or Helen an email. Or, even better, give it to them in person if you have the opportunity.
Thank you.
Get District events in your calendar
Get all District 9810 events automatically added to your calendar.
From the Calendar page here you can subscribe to the District's event calendar.
This will result in the District's calendar being added to your existing calendar subscriptions, thus ensuring that as an event is added (or modified) to the District's calendar, it will appear on your phone, tablet etc.
Calendars supported are Outlook, Google and Apple.
Take the link, Subscribe to Calendar, from the Calendar Page here.
TECHCOM - Club Survey
District Technology Committee offers clubs a free club questionnaire service.
This survey focuses on your day-to-day experiences in our Rotary club.
Members input is valuable and will be used by club leaders all of us to make the club even better.
The template has no right or wrong answers; it simply ask for your honest opinions.
If you would like your own club questionnaire that tally's the answers in to excel,
please contact Peter Dalwood: 
Making an Impact on Literacy in Guatemala
Gaby Moreno and Rotary President Jennifer Jones on Making an Impact on Literacy in Guatemala. "We want to put an end to illiteracy and create positive change.” Grammy award-winning artist Gaby Moreno ( @officialgabymoreno ) shares her passion for a brighter future for children in Guatemala with #Rotary President Jennifer Jones.
Rotarians Against Malaria call for support
With Polio Eradication so close to being achieved, Rotarians around the world are fighting the next big health battle, Malaria.  For many years Rotary has been funding research and activities, in association with the World Health Organisation, aimed to prevent and eliminate malaria throughout the world.
Are you a new member?
Have you joined Rotary in the last  6 months? Would you like to discover more about Rotary beyond your Club?
Then we have a great opportunity for you to do just that:
“Rotary Beyond the Club”
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Upcoming Events
Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
Nossal High School
Aug 19, 2023 9:00 AM
Rotary Beyond the Club
Club Kilsyth
Aug 20, 2023
9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
20th Anniversary Celebrations
Spring Valley Golf Club
Aug 20, 2023 11:30 AM
Community Safety Breakfast
Canterbury International
Aug 25, 2023
7:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Beaumaris RC Highlands Foundation Fundraiser
Buxton Hall, St John's Anglican Church
Aug 27, 2023
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Fundraiser
Metro Cinemas Boronia
Sep 08, 2023
6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Talking Suicide Awareness & Prevention
Clayton Hotel
Sep 11, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Art Exhibition - Spotlighting Bullying
The Track Gallery
Oct 05, 2023 – Oct 15, 2023
Conference 2024 Warrnambool
Lighthouse Theatre
Mar 22, 2024 – Mar 24, 2024
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Ian Ballantine
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