Posted by John Bennie on Jul 08, 2023
An exciting new era begins!......Rotary Manningham City.
Throughout the course of the last Rotary year, the Rotary Clubs of Manningham (RCM) and Templestowe (RCT) embarked upon and followed a detailed, deliberate, considered, and engaging process of assessment of the merger of both Clubs.
Both Clubs were as one - that if the case for a merger was proven; that if the longer-term interests of Rotary were satisfied; that if the people we serve and support were benefitted; and, that if the requisite number of members agreed….then RCM and RCT should merge.   This objective was pursued only after all other feasible options had been considered including, one or all of a miraculous reversal of declining memberships; partnerships; alliances…and any option or variation that could retain Club autonomy and independence.  We came to the informed and ultimate conclusion that this was not possible.
Simultaneous Special General Meetings of each Club on 24 May 2023, secured the requisite majorities of member votes to merge and create a new Club – Rotary Manningham City (RMC).   Indeed, it was unanimously and enthusiastically resolved that this merger should proceed. 
Our new Club was born on 1 July 2023 and 45 proud members know that the hard work has only just begun – we took the brief and appropriate opportunity to celebrate but now, we must build upon our new base to grow and diversify membership; promote the value proposition that our new Club offers; search for the synergies and scale benefits that a larger club can generate; and, create some renewed excitement for Rotary service in the municipality of Manningham. 
Our key success factors were grounded in respect  (for one another; each and every member; other Clubs in the cluster; and for the ideals of Rotary); engaging with, listening to, and constructively challenging our members; ‘trialling’ a union by holding joint Club meetings for a full year; recognising that there was a better way and a much more effective model of service than we had both morphed into. Importantly, we hold – among many aspirations – a strong desire to ‘honour our past’ and work is underway to develop and appropriately curate the long, strong and proud histories of RCM (Chartered 1999) and RCT (Chartered 1977). 
We will respect our past – and continue to deliver many successful projects, events and activities that RCM and RCT were known for – but above all else we want to focus now on renewal, on setting new standards, with new initiatives generating fresh new enthusiasm.
To lead the Rotary Club of Manningham City in its inaugural year, the members have also endorsed Co-Presidents Ian Goldsmith and John Bennie – Ian being an immediate past co-President of RCM and John, an immediate past President of RCT.