Posted by Richard Groom on Jul 14, 2023
It was at a meeting in the old Long Room at the MCG in May 1993 during the Rotary International convention of that year that the International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians was founded.
Past RI president Rajendra K Saboo from India and past RI director Geoffrey Pike from England were responsible for the Long Room meeting taking place.
Since 1993 there have been international festivals held in England (2), India (2), New Zealand (2), Australia (2), Sri Lanka and South Africa.
National festivals have been held at regular intervals in both Australia and India.   Frequently these festivals have had visitors from other countries as guests.
The fellowship now has members from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and the West Indies.   In addition, a new chapter has been established in Greece while Canada and Uganda are considering joining the fellowship.
However, it is clear that India has been responsible for the great growth and continuing strength which is in evidence since the formation of the fellowship.  
To celebrate this 30th anniversary it was decided to invite members in Melbourne for the recent convention to a special lunch in the Hugh Trumble Room at the MCG.   The option of a guided tour of the MCG added to the attraction of the lunch.
Many attendees from Australia and India took part in the lunch and tour.   A special guest who participated was Rita Tinka, a Rotarian from Kampala in Uganda.    Rita is a Board member of the Uganda Cricket Association and is working toward cricketing Rotarians from her country joining in fellowship activities.