Regional Council candidates.

On 3 October the Regionalisation Pilot announced the candidates for the first Regional Council in Zone 8 - that is Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. 


 Roles on the Regional Council 

  • Chair

  • Chair-Elect

  • Portfolio Lead: Major Fundraising and Grants

  • Portfolio Lead: Learning and Development

  • Portfolio Lead: Membership

  • Portfolio Lead: Public Image and Partnerships

  • Portfolio Lead: Service Projects and Programs

  • Rotaract Nominee (only Rotaract clubs are eligible to vote for this role)

The full list of candidates and their promotional statements here

Voting for the Regional Council 

Presidents on behalf of their clubs will vote for candidates via a preferential voting system. More information can be found here about voting

More information on the Regional Council can be found here. 

A reminder of the Regionalisation Website, Creating Tomorrow here.