Posted by Ian Ballantine on Feb 15, 2024
The Regionalisation Pilot for our Zone 8 is really progressing.
Community Groups
All clubs were asked, before Christmas, to indicate their preferences for their Community Group. Remember, under the Pilot, our Zone will comprise Community Groups, each containing somewhere of the order of 15 Clubs.
These groups are being finalised now, although I'm sure, over time there will be further changes.
In early March, representatives from each club will join others from the same Community Group via Zoom to discuss, it is expected, a number of issues. We expect there may be early discussions about possible collaboration between clubs and the process of appointing the Community Leader.
By late March it is expected that nominations for the role of Community leader will be called for and appointments to follow soon after. Training for these people will be conducted in April/May. Community Groups will then be functioning as at July 1st.
For more info about Community Leader role, click here.
Specialist Roles
Under the Pilot, a database will be established of Rotarians who will contribute their expertise in specific areas to assist Clubs. Specifically.....

The Rotary Specialist role is a new way you can use your skills to help clubs reach their goals and make a difference.
Each Rotary Specialist will be an expert in a particular field who will provide guidance to clubs across the Zone, either in person or virtually, in their specific area of expertise.
When clubs ask for help, Specialists will support them by providing expert advice, and directing them to useful resources and other experts as required.
Clubs will be able to easily find and request assistance from Specialists through a searchable database.
There may be numerous specialists in the same subject area to cover the geography of Zone 8.

If you have the required skills and knowledge to provide expert advice to clubs in your area of expertise, you can be a Rotary Specialist! You may be:

  • Someone who has been in Rotary anywhere from a few months to a few decades

  • Someone who has held multiple leadership positions in Rotary, or none at all

  • Someone who has relevant formal qualifications such as a diploma or university degree, or has simply gained expertise through practical experience – either within or outside Rotary

If you’re an expert in a field relevant to clubs, great with people and passionate about Rotary, you should consider applying here.

A copy of the recent webinar which explained these roles can be viewed here.

The other role that is available is that of Regional Council Portfolio Committee Member. Please click on Read More for the rest of this story.

Keep up to date with all things related to Regionalisation here.

What is a Regional Council Portfolio Committee Member?

Each Portfolio Committee Member will work with a specific Portfolio Lead on the Regional Council, helping develop Zone-wide strategies, best practices and initiatives to strengthen Rotary in our region and increase our impact.

Committee Members will not assist clubs directly with their day-to-day operations, focusing on the bigger picture of how Rotary and Rotaract can achieve their goals across the Zone. They will work with clubs in select circumstances, such as in relation to Zone-wide projects.

You can apply to be a Member of the following Portfolios: 

  • Membership

  • Major Fundraising and Grants

  • Public Image and Partnerships

  • Service Projects and Programs

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Learning and Development

  • Rotaract

The webinar on the 10th Feb also covered this role. View it here.
Details of this role and means to apply can be found here.