Posted by Ian Ballantine on Aug 15, 2023
The pilot is really gathering some momentum now.
As stated, the Pilot’s main goal is to find ways to more effectively and efficiently support you and your club to increase impact, grow membership, and adapt to changing volunteer needs and expectations.
For all updates and useful links, go to the dedicated website here.
News this month concerns the election of the Regional Council and the structure and operation of Community Groups.

Governance across the zone will be overseen by a Regional Council elected by clubs. The Regional Council will be led by a Chair who will be supported by a Chair-Elect, with each serving two-year terms.

As Rotarians and Rotaractors of Rotary Districts participating in the Regionalisation Pilot, you will soon be able to apply for the Regional Council positions of Chair, Chair-Elect and Portfolio Leads. Only Rotaractors can apply to be the Rotaract Nominee. The role descriptions for these positions are now available on the Creating Tomorrow website here.

From 1 July 2024 the proposed regional model includes a new way of grouping clubs, with each group of clubs referred to as a ‘Rotary Community Group’.  By working together, clubs can support each other to increase their impact, amplify Rotary’s public image, and strengthen member engagement. 

Upcoming Webinars:

We will be hosting multiple webinars via Zoom to answer questions about the Regional Council and Community Groups. These sessions will be held on:

•Tuesday 29 August at 1pm AEST - Register here

•Wednesday 30 August at 6:30pm AEST - Register here

•Saturday 2 September at 10am AEST - Register here

We encourage you to register to attend a session and consider meeting up with your fellow club members to watch together and discuss.