Posted by David Grieve on May 12, 2024
District 9810 End Polio Now – Progress Report
Our goals this Rotary Year are detailed below:
Donations Goal
Donations to Date
Raise $69,000 AUD
Have 23 Clubs donate $1,600 ($US1,000)
18 Clubs
Support the DG Partner’s Project – End Polio Now
As you can see, we have FAR exceeded our goal of raising $69,000AUD! Well done!
The DG’s Partner’s Project Dr Helen Parker (Polio Plus) has raised $28,745.
Polio Cases for 2024 – 2 cases in Pakistan
In 2023, there were:
Pakistan – 6
Afghanistan - 6
There are other ways we as Rotarians can contribute – by becoming Polio Plus Society Members.
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What is the Polio Plus Society?
The Polio Plus Society is an organisation of like-minded individuals who have committed to contribute $100US ($165AUD) or more each and every year to Polio Plus until the world has been declared free of the Wild Polio Virus.  
Does the Bill and Melinda Gates make a contribution?
Yes, they match your donation 2 for 1.
Can anyone join the Society?
Although a Rotary initiative, anyone can join the Polio Plus Society.
How can I become a member?
There are 2 steps.
  1. Go onto District 9810 website -
Download the Polio Plus Commitment Form complete and email to David Grieve – District 9810 Polio Co-ordinator. This is to ensure all Donations are tracked locally.
2. Click on the My Rotary website -
Follow the prompts and make the donation
All donations are Tax Deductable.
I would encourage all Club Presidents and Club Foundation Chairs to promote membership of the Polio Plus Society.
If you would like a 5-minute presentation via ZOOM on the Polio Plus Society at your Club meeting, please contact me on:  or 0488 480402
Please feel free to publish extracts from this email in your Club’s weekly newsletter or announce at your Club meeting.
We look forward to your Club’s continued support, particularly with Polio Plus Society Membership.
Thanking you,
David Grieve – District Polio Co-Ordinator