Posted by Ian Ballantine on Aug 10, 2023
My Rotary has a new, more friendly look about it. Give it a try.
The link to My Rotary is here.
Don't have a My Rotary account? Click here for instructions on how to set it up.
Your account with MyRotary is different to any account you might have with your own Club or the District site.
For those not familiar with My Rotary, it is the on-line portal for members of Rotary to access various resources, tools, and information related to their membership and participation in Rotary activities.
Some of the common features you might find on a "My Rotary" portal include:
  1. Member Profile: Members can update their personal information, contact details, and preferences.

  2. Club Information: Access to club directories, meeting schedules, and upcoming events within the local Rotary club.

  3. Rotary Foundation: Information about the Rotary Foundation, its projects, grants, and how to contribute to its various initiatives.

  4. Learning and Development: Access to training materials, webinars, and resources for personal and professional development.

  5. Service Opportunities: Information about local and international service projects, volunteer opportunities, and ways to get involved.

  6. News and Updates: Latest news, announcements, and updates from Rotary International and the local club.

  7. Membership Tools: Resources for club officers to manage memberships, track attendance, and organize club activities.

  8. Discussion Forums: Online forums for members to discuss ideas, share experiences, and seek advice from other Rotary members.

  9. Document Repository: Access to important documents, manuals, and guidelines related to Rotary operations and initiatives.

  10. Rotary Community: An online platform to connect with other Rotary members from around the world and share experiences.