Posted by David Alexander on Jul 16, 2023
Congratulation D9810 Clubs and Rotarians. A great result for ‘giving’ to The Rotary Foundation in 2022-23.
The Rotary Foundation relies on the contribution of funds from many sources. The main ones are from Clubs and individual Rotarians.
I'd like to congratulate and thank the Clubs and Rotarians of District 9810 for their continuing generous support of The Rotary Foundation during 2022-23.
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Our contributions to The Rotary Foundation determine the District Designated Funds (DDF) returned to D9810 to fund local and international projects through District  and Global Grants.
In 2022-23 D9810 Clubs and Rotarian continued to contribute generously with the following results achieved:
2022-23                       2021-22
Annual Programs Fund:     US$203,356              US$197,595
(Includes Centurions and Paul Harris Society Rotarian contributions)
Less Disaster Response Contributions:
                                        US$185,591 (SHARED beteen the World Fund and District Designated Funds)
D9810 Clubs and Rotarians also contributed generously to the ‘End Polio Now’ program
2022-23                       2021-22
US$44,187                 USD$37,106
However, the Centurion Program (AU$100 per Rotarian) was down 12% on the total raised in 2021-22
2022-23                       2021-22
AU$47,648                AUD$54,379 (down 12% on 2021-22)
In 2022-23, D9810 Clubs conducted 20 District Grants, 2 Global Grants (more in planning) and the District received a US$25,000 Disaster Response Grant for the construction of Modular Homes in Moshchun village near Kyiv, Ukraine. As well, our District supported Global Grants in West Timor (Rotarians Against Malaria), Rotary Gives Every Child a Future (Pacific Islands Immunisation) and also contributed to the End Polio Now program.
On all counts, D9810 Clubs and Rotarians are making a significant impact locally, within our Pacific  region and internationally as we continue to help communities and people in real need of our support.
On behalf of the D9810 Foundation Team, thank you for your generous support of The Rotary Foundation, often described as ‘the engine room’ of Rotary.
D9810 will again match the first 10 Club contributions to PolioPlus of US$1,000 with US$1,000 District Designated Funds (DDF). TRF will provide a 50% match to DDF. A Club donation of USD$1,000 matched by our District with US1,000 DDF attracts a further USD$500 (50%) from The Rotary Foundation. 
So for the first 10 Clubs contributing to Polio, your initial contribution of USD$1,000 becomes USD $2,500, which receives the Gates Foundation 2:1 match of an additional USD$5,000, giving a total contribution of USD$7,500 to End Polio Now
David Alexander
D9810 Foundation Chair 2020-2023