Posted by David Alexander on Aug 01, 2023
An important update to the District's incentive scheme to Clubs regarding contributions to End Polio;
D9810 will again match the first 10 Club contributions to PolioPlus of US$1,000 with US$1,000 District Designated Funds (DDF). TRF will provide a 50% match to DDF.
A Club donation of USD$1,000 matched by our District with US1,000 DDF attracts a further USD$500 (50%) from The Rotary Foundation. 
So for the first 10 Clubs contributing to Polio, your initial contribution of USD$1,000 becomes USD $2,500, which receives the Gates Foundation 2:1 match of an additional USD$5,000, giving a total contribution of USD$7,500 to End Polio Now.