I had the honour, along with District Governor, 9820, Linda Humphries of confirming the appointment of Emma Clark, from the Rotary Club of Emerald and District to the position of District Governor Nominee Designate District 9815.
This means Emma will serve as the District Governor in the year 2026-27.
I'm sure Emma is very familiar to many in the District. Just to remind you of Emma's Rotary journey.....
She began as a Charter Member of the Rotaract Club of Emerald & District in 1991. She held various positions in Rotaract including Deputy District Rotary Representative.
She joined the Rotary Club of Emerald & District in 2002 where she has been a very active member serving in many key positions including Secretary (2022-23) and President (2016-17). Emma served the District as a key contributor to the organisation of the District Conference, 2023.
Emma is holder of two PHF's. She is also a member of the Spangles!
Once again I offer my most sincere congratulations to Emma.