National Youth Science Forum – NYSF 
This Forum is held over a two week period in Canberra during January and provides Year 11 students with the opportunity to test-drive careers in science, engineering and related disciplines. NYSF is designed to engender a greater knowledge and passion for sciences as well as improving each student’s personal development, their perception, communication and organisational skills and provides valuable contacts, friendships and mentors. NYSF is open to applicants about to enter the final year of secondary education who are well rounded, community - minded students with a strong interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. It is an inclusive program that offers opportunities for participants who are diverse and come from a range of backgrounds.   

Chairman: Paul Taranto
Committee: Ron Brooks, Nicole Osner, Pat Armstrong.

National Youth Science Forum 2020 
Rotary clubs and schools should have received material, from the NYSF office in Canberra, during February for the NYSF 2018 program. 
Students are able to lodge an Expression of Interest on-line from  1 March 2018. 
It should be noted that there is a non-refundable application fee of $60, payable by the student when they register on the NYSF web site. The closing date for students to register on-line is 31 May, so clubs are encouraged to check with their local secondary schools that the school has the material and is actively encouraging their leading science students to apply. Clubs should liaise with the school to have suitable year 11 science students apply to their club so that Club nominations are well and truly finalised by 30 June. Clubs are requested to not finalise their selections before May 31. This is so all students have a reasonable chance of engaging with a Club before the cut off date. 

It must be noted that a student cannot attend the NYSF unless they have been nominated by a Rotary Club. 

Clubs should discuss the financial arrangements with the students and their parents/guardians.  To quote from the NYSF website: “A Rotary Club is not obliged to financially assist a student it endorses to attend the NYSF. However, many clubs are able to make a contribution toward the program fee. Students and their families should discuss this with their endorsing Rotary Club during the selection process so that all parties understand what is expected should a student be selected to attend the Program. 
It should be noted that students can also apply for funding assistance thru the NYSF Equity Scholarship Fund as well as to the Australian Government (further information is available at ). The program fee will $3150 in 2020 the same as it was in 2019. 

If a club has received an application from a student and the club is not willing to entertain supporting or nominating the student, please let the student know as soon as possible and direct them to another club in your Cluster. 

For 2020, District 9810 is anticipating an allocation of around 25 places in the 2020 programs. 

Clubs should note that the number of places the District is allocated is based on the number of students that apply so it is important to encourage the schools in your communities to get their students to nominate. The important dates for this year are as follows: 

1 March 2019 – Expressions of Interest open online at  
31 May 2019 – Closing date for applications by students to register online 
1 July 2019 – Closing date for Club Nominations of students for District Interview 
20 July 2019 – District Interviews held St Patrick's Primary School, Mentone 
31 August 2019 – District Orientation held at CSL Parkville 
1-12 Jan 2020 – Session A NYSF held in Canberra 
8-19 Jan 2020 – Session B NYSF held in Brisbane 
15-26 Jan 2020 – Session C NYSF held in Canberra 

Some important points Club Presidents are asked to note: 
The NYSF nomination and selection process spans over two Rotary years, so please ensure your outgoing Youth Service Director and incoming President/Directors are aware of whom the club is interviewing and nominating. Please ensure the student’s parents are involved during the club interview and selection process. This is important as the student, their family and school are expected to contribute towards the cost of the NYSF program consistent with their situation. Also, remember that the parents & teachers can all be potential future Rotarians. 
If you have not heard from a student and/or would like assistance/or would like to be put in contact with students, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Taranto by email at the address below. 
Encourage your New Generations/Youth Director to look at the NYSF website at
This site has a lot of useful background information. 
All questions in regard to the above should be directed to Paul Taranto by email on the following link:  Paul Taranto email 
ConocoPhillips Summer Science School 

A two to three day program for Year 9 students interested in science conducted over the school holidays by the Australian Science Industry Association in conjunction with participating universities. 
Dates for the programs and application cut off dates can be found at the website – 
As at March 2019, eight programs are being run in Victoria over 2019 -2020  (see table below).


Universities & Tertiary Institutions Program Dates Best Apply Before

Swinburne University of Technology
10-12 July 2019 20 June 2019

17-19 September 2019 30 August 2019

Federation University Ballarat
23-25 September 2019 1 September 2019

Federation University Gippsland                                                                                   23-25 September 2019                                    1 September 2019 

University of Melbourne                                                                                                 27-29 November 2019                                      1 November 2019 

University of Melbourne                                                                                                 13-15 January 2020                                          2 January 2020 

RMIT University                                                                                                              14-16 January 2020                                          2 January 2020 

Marine and Freshwater Discovery Center                                                                      20-22 January 2020                                        30 November 2019. 

There is no selection process and to enrol students only need to obtain endorsement from their local Rotary Club 
Contact: Paul Taranto email


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